[Manga] Ai to Yokubou wa Gakuen de

12? Like 12 VOLUMES???

Are you kidding me??? This manga is already in its 12th volume?? AHAHAHAHAHA NO YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS.


Holy crap. I can’t get over this. wwwww

Seriously. Wha- how can this be so long? Are there any more couple introduced in the succeeding volumes? I’m stuck in volume 4 and so far… I like it 8D

Found this randomly when I found the game version. YEP A GAME VERSION. FOR. REAL. LMAO

Surprisingly, this is not as dumb and boring as I thought it would be. Some stories have heartfelt themes. And I do have favorite couples. While the idea of a sex school cracks me up to no end, there are characters that stood out among the rest.

This is something to be read when you want some funny boys-screwing-boys scenes with an average art.

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