[Manga] Sekai wa Kimi de Mawatteru & Gosan no Heart

I’m starting to like twisted characters and love stories because of Ogawa Chise. :3 Please don’t stop creating them!

OKAY, I GIVE UP. I’m already a fan of Ogawa Chise. ahaha

These two titles above are as endearing as other Ogawa’s works. What I like on most of her works is that the couples cut the chase and fluff. While I do love the fluff, it is new to me to see characters be blunt and go straight to the action. It’s like a different take on the usual sappy romance.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but I love love love her art. Although her characters are always thin (sometimes I worry about them ><), but they have the melancholic looks on their faces that never fails to captivate me. This also goes with her shoujo stories (should I make that ‘story’ lol my only reference is Hyakujuu Kingdom ahaha).

Now that’s the second mangaka I found and loved this year! First it was Nekota Yonezou (<3) and now Ogawa Chise. 8D

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