[Manga] Private Prince

Not really a recent read. More like a revisit. 😛

I remember reading this few years ago and got hooked on the story. You can’t blame me, the story is intriguing enough to read more. From Sado’s curse to his relationship with Kaoru’s grandmother among others. There are just too many questions. Sadly, before any of those get any answers, Asato Eiri seems to have dropped this manga.

This story has so much potential in it so when I noticed the hiatus, I obviously researched frantically for the reason. Years after that, I still haven’t found the real reason other than rumors. One plausible rumor that I encountered before is that Sensei had a problem so she took a break. The (not-so) recent news that I heard about her is she still continues to draw for novel illustrations. However, no more original stories since 2003 I think. So for other fans who rage at the lack of scanlation, how can the scanlators translate when they have nothing to translate? And it is Sensei’s discretion why she decided to leave this good story without even finishing it. ^^;;

I guess I won’t see the day when Private Prince gets its ending and forever wonder what the hell could have happened to the characters~~

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