[Manga] Ten Count

Another lovely piece from Takarai Rihito. ❤

I can’t say that I was not disappointed when I found out that the next series of Takarai-sensei will be shounen-ish www. But then I found this! Yayyy! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

This is about a mysophobic guy named Shirotani Tadaomi and his encounter with the odd Kurose Riku who happens to be a counselor. Kurose might be the guy Shirotani needs to cure his phobia. Notice their names, Shirotani, Kurose. Shiro and Kuro. White and Black. Ironic. Maybe. 😛 I may be reading a bit too much about their names but I couldn’t resist it.

I find the theme refreshing and interesting with its serious approach with phobias. I can’t wait to see how can this help with their blossoming romance. Guessing that Ten Count will have 2 volumes with its one step at a time pace.

Oh and why Ten Count? You’ll know it immediately. Though I must say that the number 10 is pretty much a give away. :DD

6 thoughts on “[Manga] Ten Count

  1. is this still ongoing? i think i have already read this one, down to the part where the counselor suddenly goes missing, leaving the uke all depressed and bothered.


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