[Manga] Koi wa Beniiro

Yes, I still read Shoujo manga. :3c

Koi wa Beniiro is about an old-fashioned girl who once thought that she won’t ever fall in love. Until she meets the popular new teacher, Nomoto Yukiya.

TeacherxStudent themes were not really my cup of tea unless presented really well and didn’t have a lovesick female lead. Thankfully, Beniko was still a level-headed girl despite slowly falling for her teacher. I was actually preparing myself for the impending doom of sugar-coated love story and a deus ex machina ending.

The time skip felt much better and needed in the story. I thought that the two have to both sort out their feelings and mature a bit more, especially Beniko. So yep, time and space were necessary. Adult!Beniko was really pretty and I really preferred her new look (and rough-ish manners XD) than her younger self. You could pretty much see that she had toughened herself all those years. And Sensei, going back to Beniko’s family restaurant was so sweet. It’s like another way of saying that he could finally go out with her now that he could drink freely in their restaurant. (He once said that how could he drink there now that he knew that his student lives there.)

Sensei is hot. AHAHAHAHA. Thought I should mention that. XDD

Another surprising thing that I noticed was created by Chiba Kozue. CHIBA KOZUE. The one who also created 7th Period is a Secret (in which I love) and 24 Colors (in which I hate). Like, wow. I liked 7th Period especially in my teenage years (Ha. My age is showing lol.) But, 24 Colors? NO. NO WAY. And let’s not dwell on that. Point is, Chiba Kozue’s works was a miss or hit for me. But I love her art so I guess I’ll try her other works.

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