[Manga] Blue Sky Complex

Another Ichikawa Kei! o/ (and another slow romance)

My friend mentioned this in my Slow Starter post. Since I’ve fallen in love with Ichikawa Kei, I’ve tried reading this one and I’m not disappointed!

Narasaki only wants to find a place to read quietly. One day, his teacher assigned him to look after the school’s delinquent. At the same time, as a library receptionist. They spend most of day reading without talking to one another. The more quiet time they spend together, the more Narasaki gets intrigued to his companion.

On the other hand, Terashima has been engaged in many fights. Just like Narasaki, he is appointed to be a receptionist. But he seems to know Narasaki even before they met?

Two polar opposite strangers thrown together. They are the different yet the same kind. It’s as if all kinds of tension has been thrown in here. ww

Blue Sky Complex has all the elements that  I love:

  • Light-haired x Black haired combination (it would be better if Narasaki is the uke :3c)
  • Library setting <- not so much here later on but still
  • Slow romance
  • UST o/
  • Polar opposites
  • One-sided crush

I’m hoping there’ll be a tankoubon available soon.

On a more pressing matter (lol), Narasaki likes him but are they on the same level of like? How long will this story last? I most certainly hope it’s not one volume only. D:

Care to share your thoughts?

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