[Manga] Honto Yajuu

About time to pick this up!

A rom-com about a police and a yakuza. Gotouda Aki, a yakuza, goes to great lengths just to woo the policeman Ueda Tomoharu. Instant love for this because the story is adorable, Aki is cute, and Ueda is cool. Haha.

Aki is a hotheaded, super gaudy guy. Despite the brave front, he blushes a lot around Ueda, and is innocent and cute. Also, Aki is more of an ‘action’ guy that he isn’t shy to make the first move in everything (hence the sudden confession right off the bat www), like pouncing on his seme quite a lot. lol

On the other hand, Ueda is the calm, gentle, and level-headed kind of guy. He isn’t fazed by the fact that he is going out with a Yakuza. More like, he enjoys being with other people as he is a very people person so statuses are his least concern. Not to mention that  gentle types are my current favorites~. ❤

Both of them are honest and perverts www. Aki is, well, obviously very much into doing it and besides, he has quite a temper. Don’t be fooled by the kind look on Ueda though. The guy is a carnivore in bed, even Aki is shocked (and turned on rofl). They are more of the opposite of the each other in sex. XD

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