[Manga] Shiny Star

Time for the popular AV actor Hikaru to take the spotlight!

If you have read Porno Superstar by Nanami before then you will recognize Hikaru as the AV actor who have a terrible sense of direction and the object of affection of that book’s protagonist (sorry I forgot the name ;;; ). While he is more of a background character in PS, now he has a book of his own.

PS have a light tone and uses Hikaru’s terrible sense of direction as a running gag in the story. Meanwhile, Shiny Star is more on the serious and darker side of things.

Masaya, a new AV actor, has entered the scene and wants to work with Hikaru… only if the latter bottoms. However, Hikaru disapproves for a lot of reasons, mainly because he only tops. The battle for the top ensues!

Since the ending of PS leave me with meh feelings, I am a little wary of reading this one. I skimmed through this at first but there is so much UST (<3) omg. There is a bit angst which another factor that I liked. I’m dying to know who tops who and Masaya’s real feelings and motives! Super happy that it is longer than PS though I still don’t spot volume 2 when volume 1 have ended a few years back!?

Crossing my fingers that this won’t disappoint me in the end!

P.S. Meanwhile, Ichikawa Kei’s Slow Starter will have it’s sequel! Woot! It is called Slow Days. Based on the tankoubon’s cover, it seems it will be about their university-onwards days. YIIIIIIIISSSSSS. ❤

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