[Manga] Koketsu Dining

This is so weird and I’m so liking it. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Akaru gets to have a tiger-mask roommate who calls himself a pro-wrestler. This masked guy, Hyuuga, tells him that it’s just a mask and Akaru accepts it JUST. LIKE. THAT. Like, seriously, no matter how you look at it, the tiger face is connected to the rest of his body and his tail is moving! It’s such a relief when Akaru’s co-worker drops by their house and is shocked to see Hyuuga. Finally! Somebody else notices that something’s awfully weird about the big guy that Akaru and the rest of the neighborhood seem to fail to notice.

Days passed and Akaru is drawn towards Hyuuga’s gentle personality that he and I start to see past the mask. Their days together are sweet and fluffy but I could not shake the feeling that the story is glossing over on a LOT of details. Some things are established though but there’s still more unanswered things. It’s cute and all but I’m soooooo curious about Hyuuga’s identity. I swear I’m not into bestiality but with Hyuuga’s kindness, I’m having second thoughts lmao. But then, a part of me is thinking “but I want him to be a human” and another is “but he’s fine as he is now”. Gaaaah, do you see my frustration!?!?!?!?

This seems to be an on-going manga so I’m crossing my fingers real hard that we’ll have some answers real soon!

8 thoughts on “[Manga] Koketsu Dining

  1. Lol after reading your post on this manga I decided to try reading it myself, and omg it’s so weird but so cute and funny at the same time! I just hate that it’s still ongoing though, and it’s taking forever for the chapters to be translated to English. Did you read Chapter 6? Ch. 6 kind of gives a vague explanation of Hyuuga’s appearance, and it has a little kinky scene in it, too ;3


    1. I did! xD It actually just adds to my confusion if Hyuuga underwent a surgery or there’s really a tribe like that (or I missed out on some details while reading lol). What do you think of how he got that tiger appearance? :3 That escalated quite fast though lol. I liked Akaru’s boldness and initiative that I was O v O the whole scene lmao. (gosh I’m so gross lol)


  2. Hey! Omg I didn’t know you replied back until I was browsing through your blog >.<' Usually I get an e-mail notification that you replied but I didn't get one this time :/

    Hmm I don't know. In the manga somewhere there were some workers at Hyuuga's work place that said that the guy that Hyuuga talks a lot with at work is a "mad scientist", so I'm guessing maybe he decided to do some experiments on him and turned Hyuuga into a half-man half-tiger. He also said something about him being a rare species of human??? I don't really remember lol.

    Haha! I know right? I was like that, too. That bit was super sexy, but at the same time it was weird because I thought Hyuuga's, uhm, man essence was going to be thorny like a cat's, but it was still human like. No worries I think I'm more gross 😛


    1. Ugh WP’s acting up. It ate the comment I’ve written. >_<

      Anyway, I remember that scene and I thought that Hyuuga underwent ~weird~ surgeries. Then I got to the scene where Akaru met the mad scientist for the first time and the guy mentioned about discovering a strange tribe of half-human, half-tiger species. I think that's the part where Akaru (and his date) met Hyuuga and the mad man in a restaurant.

      But hey, volume 2 got released so we'll probably have our answers! 😛


      1. Oh okay, I thought it was just an issue on my side for not getting an e-mail. Still didn’t get an e-mail about your reply, I just check your blog every so often now lol.

        Ohhhh I thought that mad scientist guy said that he encountered a slightly super human species in the jungles that could withstand his experiments or something. I didn’t know they were all half tiger half human, too O.o’

        It’s kind of weird how most people in the manga just act normally around him, as if a tiger head and tail on a man’s body is totally normal. I think only Akaru and his co-worker were the only ones that thought it was super weird at first.

        Really? Yay I can’t wait to check it out. Hopefully someone translated it to English already, since I can’t read Japanese 😥


      2. I re-read the manga and on ch6 the mad scientist said that he made modifications to Hyuuga’s body. Then the next page he mentioned that deep in the Amazon, he found other people like that. His statement is very vague and confusing. @_@ They’re probably not half-tiger even. The tribe might be half-animal, half-human?

        Exactly. O.O They all believe that it’s just a mask. And uh, who wears suit and tie to go to a wrestling match?? Unless that’s some sort of wrestling fashion he has? lol

        Can’t wait for it too! xD So far, there’s not even a single summary out there. u.u


      3. Oh okay. Yeah I think they made it kind of vague on purpose to make it more suspenseful for us to keep reading lol. Hopefully later on the scientist manages to turn Hyuuga into a full human…unless the moral of the story is to just love people/animals the way they are o_o

        Haha! I know right? When he said he’s a wrestler I’m like “Are you serious??”. I don’t know maybe he wears the suit and tie to the wrestling ring and then takes it all off before he goes in XD

        I’ve been looking for the English translation and I still didn’t find it yet :/ People seem to take ages to translate these things 😦

        By the way I love what you’ve done to the blog, I like the design, very cute for winter :3


      4. Wait.. so it’s the other way around? I’ve been thinking that he’s a human turned half? xD Idk, it’s like I want him to be human for the *coughscenecough* but it’ll be like a different Hyuuga. But if he remains the same, it’s might feel like making out with a big cat? lol

        Ooh that makes sense! xD It’s like his image, a suite-wearing tiger! haha

        Same here. Couldn’t find even Chinese scans to at least have the vaguest idea of what will happen next. D:

        Thanks! I did match it to the season though there’s no winter season to where I came from. At least this blog gets to have some kind of snow in it. xD


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