[Trial] Orfleurs ~Koufuku no Hanataba~

オルフレール ~幸福の花束~

Lately, it seems that some R-18 games get ported to Vita. As’Ring’s Orfleurs as well. The full game will be available on January 26th, but the trial is already available on PSN, so I decided to play it. ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

Claire lives in a small town with her parents. One day, a group of bandits kills everyone in their town except her. They try to take Claire away but not before a knight in shining armor (lolol) rescues her. This prince on a white horse takes her to Reed’s mansion and offers her to be a housemaid. For some reason, Claire got over things fast and didn’t weep too much for everything she had lost and moved on. Honestly, things escalate real fast in the game. After a few minutes in, her parents got killed already, and she’s swept away by some noble knight.

オルフレール ~幸福の花束~ (2)

Anyway, Claire gets to choose who’s master she is to serve. She can make a choice between the four Reed siblings. Obviously, I’d go for Adel. He’s my main reason to play this game (〃∇〃). But the other three guys are not so bad as well. And while there are only four masters to choose from, there seem to be six available guys based on the cover. I don’t really care about Phil (but now that I know who his seiyuu is, I do lol) but I’m curious about Claire’s childhood friend, Cain. Claire is supposedly the only survivor in their village so seeing Cain on the cover makes me intrigued as to what happened to him.

Plot-wise, I feel like, if written well, this could be a good game. But the lukewarm response on the PC version shatters my hope. And if there are no R-18 scenes in the port since it’s supposed to be tamer, what else should I look forward to? (Apparently, smut is a strong point of this game according to some posts I read.)

I can’t decide whether I’ll get this or not. I want Adel and Cain’s route so bad but I’m worried that I won’t enjoy the rest of the game that much. Likewise, should I get the port or the PC version? Do I want porn or convenience? Hmm…

Care to share your thoughts?

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