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There’s this latest craze in our workplace where people are playing a Facebook Messenger game called Everwing. With this game readily available through Messenger, our chatroom consists of our latest Everwing adventures instead of talking. www

Everwing was launched last November by Blackstorm Labs in the In-Game App of Messenger. It had taken quite some time before it reached most people around me, though. While this is intended for smartphones, you can also play it on your PC through a web browser. No downloads or installments needed. No payments either. Take note, that you can’t play this if you are using the Windows app of the Messenger as games are still not available there.


Everwing is a straightforward shooting-RPG game where you shoot (obviously) the enemies as they come to you and gather the coins they drop. Other things that you can get are extra firing boosts, magnets for easier catching of items, jewels, among other things.

When you’re starting out, you’ll have Alice as the default guardian – a.k.a. your game persona. Alice is fine and all, but like all default characters, she doesn’t have the much needed extra oomph to get high scores or beat bosses. So once you are on a higher level and you have earned more coins, you can get a variety of guardians. As taken from Wikia:

Name Guardian Image Description Level Unlocked Cost
Guardian of Courage勇氣之守護者 She never backs down from a challenge and is always first to the front lines of battle. Default Default
Guardian of Dragons龍之守護者 She was born in the wilds and raised by dragons. When dragons fly with her, they earn 2x XP! 2 1,000 coins
Guardian of Adventure冒險之守護者 Renowned explorer, inventor, and scientist, she is 2x faster completing Quests 3 12,000 coins
Guardian of Fortune財富之守護者 A master Alchemist and Mage of the Third Order, she earns 2x Coins. Cha-ching! 6 30,000 coins
Guardian of Nature自然之守護者 Caretaker of the forest, a true sister to Nature. Her enchanted super magnet attracts items! 19 150,000 coins
Guardian of Twilight黎明之守護者 A mysterious loner, with a dark and haunting past, some say she acts as if she has 2 lives… 25 150,000 coins
Guardian of Shadows暗影之守護者 An assassin who fears nothing, she can become invulnerable and double damage after charging up. N/A Defeat Spike to have a chance at unlocking Jade.
Guardian of Magic魔法之守護者 This sly illusionist has a few tricks up her sleeve. She can clone sidekicks after charging up. N/A Defeat the Ice Queen to have a chance at unlocking Arcana.

Now that’s a fine range of Guardians. My personal favorite is Aurora for getting high scores (and owning my friends heh) because she catches them all and I get #fomo whenever I miss getting the coins and items. Second fave for grinds is Lilly as she doubles the coins you get – great for increasing your coins (though I prefer a more passive way of earning which I’ll tell you in a bit). For boss raids, I love taking Lenore with me as her two lives can be such a great help, especially with the Witch boss. God, I hate that boss. That and I just love that sweet, gloomy, misunderstood, creepy, and evil personality of hers. www

Aside from Guardians, you’ll also get additional help from your dragons – officially called as Sidekicks. You can bring two Sidekicks with you and they are a big help. For one, they do not get killed during your play. There are different ways to get dragon eggs. You can buy them using coins and trophies (another in-game currency), or you can get them for free once you’ve claimed your loot on boss raids. I recommend getting them on raids more than buying when you are starting out. That way, you’ll have higher chances of getting rare or legendary dragons without spending a penny. Also, I’d rather spend my coins to level up my Guardians first (or purchase other Guardians).

That aside, Sidekicks can also level up and fuse with other similar Sidekicks to evolve them if you are into that. It is more like Pokemon regarding catching and training them. Reddit has a technique for all that shizz. Personally, I just evolve whenever they are ready. What is important for me is what they can do during the raids. The best combination depends on you, so you’ll have to mix and match your Guardians and Sidekicks. My favorite combination is any faeries to any dragons which has honing skills – those who can shoot in any direction as long as they see an enemy. I find it helpful especially during raids when the boss has other minions with them *coughWitchBosscough*. At least, my dragons can shoot the smaller enemies, and my fairy can focus on the bigger fry.


Speaking of raids, if you are like me who finds grinding a bit tedious, then boss raids are for you. Boss raids need teamwork to topple each boss. Well, sure, you can go solo. But taking down 1,000,000++ HP all on your own takes a lot of time and effort. So you get your friends (granted you are all in the same chatroom) to fight it and divide the rewards among yourselves afterward. Everwing gives a bonus to a player who has the highest damage points and to someone who first maxes the chest run. You can be the highest ranked AND max runner at the same time. Now if the boss is too strong for your character and level, you can just pitch in the fight and still get a bonus. It may not be as big as when you are the top player but getting loads of coins, or trophies or rare and legendary sidekicks are a big trade-off. Shoutout to Nami for always reminding me that Boss Raids are helpful.

Now, I’m all for minimal effort but maximum results so my next favorite part of Everwing is doing Quests. Quests are, as someone posted on the internet, like computer vs. computer. You send your Guardians and Sidekicks somewhere to fight monsters. This takes time, and it can take for as long as 24 hours. Of course, the longer the hours it will take to completion, the higher bonus points you’ll get. As you level up, you’ll unlock powerful Guardians, and when you have sufficient coins, you can buy them eventually. For the other faeries that are no longer your main character, you can send them to Quests and earn passive income. Not only, they’ll bring back loads of money, but doing Quests also increases your overall level. At the same time, you can continue working or doing whatever in real life. Now that is an efficient use of time! www


For Quests, I love using Sophia as she shortens the amount of time it takes to finish a quest. I used to combine her with the dragon Estel as it also decreases the time for about 25%. Now, I send Estel with Lilly so I can tackle two lengthy quests at the same time. Lilly, with her max stat, helps me get as much as 30k in one quest. So it is advisable to level up your Guardians still as the success of the quest depends on both Guardians and Sidekicks levels.

There are also Optional Missions that you can do which involves inviting other friends to play Everwing or reach a particular score during grinds, among other things. You might want to do that when you are starting out as it will give you a rare dragon egg when you finish one. It’s not that much help in the long run though, as you can get more by doing raids. But if you like challenging other people or just want to drag more people to Everwing hell (you’re such a good friend lolol), then go ahead and do some.

Now I don’t play as much as I used to. I feel like I’ve gotten everything that I could have in Everwing. I was mostly interested in getting Aurora for high scores and Lenore for raids. Thanks to Boss Raids and Quests I got what I wanted. But I always turn to this game whenever I just want to have some mindless fun while thinking I’m achieving something (when I really don’t www).

I may have reached a plateau in my Everwing game, but I would still recommend this to anyone who wants to have a tiny bit of fun. After all, it is always fun to play with your friends even if it’s online (nothing tops personal interaction kids).

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