Splatoon Diaries: Splatoween & Version 4.1.0

Splatoon Diaries: Splatoween & Version 4.1.0

Version 4.1.0 has arrived! And I loved it! The update contains the new map, Skipper Pavilion. It is an interesting map with a Japanese theme. It reminds me of a temple or a shrine.

Skipper Pavilion


Toni Kensa Collection Vol 2

Along with the new map, the update contains the second batch of the Toni Kensa collection. I totally loved the monochrome design ever since the release of the first one. This batch contains another set of weapons which consist of the Splattershot Pro, Luna Blaster, Sloshing Machine, and the Dynamo Roller. These weapons have new kits which include either the recently added sub – Fizzy Bomb and the much-awaited special – Booyah Bomb. Since I’m still on level 23, I have only unlocked Splattershot Pro and the Sloshing Machine. I wanted to get both of them because I want the Fizzy Bomb on the Sloshing Machine but they’re too pricey. I’m just a poor Inkling. (΄︵◝❀)

Splatoon Diaries: Splatoween & Version 4.1.0
Source: Official Site

Anyway, for this batch, I’ve only played with SSPro and I fell in love with it again. I haven’t used the original SSPro since I got the Bloblobber and the Custom Dualie Squelchers but I remember liking it. At the time, I wasn’t keen on using my subs so it didn’t bother me that point sensors were not useful to me.  But with the Kensa SSPro, the combination of Splat Bombs and the Booyah Bomb are awesome. It became my favorite right away.

Splatoon Diaries: Splatoween & Version 4.1.0
Source: Official Site

Speaking of Booyah Bomb, it’s a fun special to use. Everyone uses it these days that I haven’t had a match where no one used that special. So Booyah Bomb is activated by (of course) filling the Special gauge and then the team spams the Booyah button before releasing it. Hitting the button not only increases the bomb power but it also helps in increasing the Special gauge of the other team members. The map turns into a chaos of inks once both teams release their Booyah Bombs which is amusing to watch.


Splatoon Diaries: Splatoween & Version 4.1.0
Source: Official Site

Also this week, Nintendo announced the worldwide Splatfest happening in the latter part of this month. The Splatoween will be 48 hours long and you can now choose between Team Trick or Team Treat in the Inkopolis. There’s no Trick or Treat in my country – or at least, I’ve never experienced it but I’ll be choosing Team Treat!

Splatoon Diaries: Splatoween & Version 4.1.0
Source: Official Site

With the new Splatfest, we can also get in-game treats! There are 4 different headgears:

  • Kyonshi Hat
  • Li’l Devil Horns
  • Hockey Mask
  • Anglerfish Mask

I haven’t gotten mine yet but I’m excited about these treats because freeeee!

new gear
Source: Official Site

Who wouldn’t love free things? This week as well, I received an email where I get a free gear – a shirt and shoes after subscribing to the Nintendo Switch Online.

Yaaaaas for the Splatoon 2 treats this week! 【☆+。trick or treat。+☆】。▼ω▼)っ

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