[Manga] Given 2 (ギヴン 2)

ギヴン(2) | Given (2)

Mangaka: Kizu Natsuki (キヅナツキ)

Status: Ongoing

Volumes: 5 (Current) [volume 1 here]


With the upcoming live performance, the guys scrambled to practice. Yet Mafuyu still could not pin down the right words for the song he was supposed to write.

Uenoyama was no better. After knowing Mafuyu’s past and facing his own feelings, his music was in shambles.

Will they be able to perform or end up destroying their budding band?

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

The story this time focuses on the band’s preparation for their upcoming live performance. However, the success of this performance lies in the song Mafuyu will create – which he hasn’t done yet. This single thing causes a chain of reaction that ranges from the strain in Uenoyama and Mafuyu’s relationship to their band practice and to their live performance until nothing seems to go their way.

It’s a slow but steady build of tension and its butterfly effect to all the main characters and not just Mafuyu.

The second half of the volume is on the older ones riling up the younger members. This is also the part where Kizu Natsuki eases us up to Aki’s story until the series build-up to the climax.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

Like in the previous volume, the focus is still on Mafuyu, his past and present combined. That is to say, he is a lot gloomier in this volume (just like everything else). But he’s making baby steps, slowly but surely.

I was surprised by the introduction of the volume done by Aki. I thought Mafuyu’s monologues are poetic. Wait till you read Aki’s thoughts. He has a way with words which is something I did not expect. He does not present himself as someone introspective. He’s cynicism shows, that’s for sure.

He also plays a big role in this volume, mostly in guiding Uenoyama and riling up Mafuyu. Mayyybe also riling up a different feeling for Haruki.

While Haruki seems like the big brother type, the one who looks after everyone, the mother hen, Aki is like the dad. He’s someone you run to when you want someone to tell you all the things that you need to hear even though you don’t want to.

There are also minor characters introduced like Aki’s roommate (but they also share beds???) and Haruki’s music friend. As well as Mafuyu’s childhood friend and Uenoyama’s sister. The two are briefly introduced in the first volume though. But they have bigger roles this time. These are the minor characters presented but they all seem like they would play bigger roles in the future if the close-up shot during the live indicates something.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

Like in the first volume, I loved how the panels are placed. And my love for them is reinforced in this volume when there are heavier descriptions and dialogues that need my attention so the rest fades into the background. It also eases up the transition from one scene to the next.

One of my favorite shots is the one during the band’s performance. It is evocative in a sense that you can feel the impact of Mafuyu’s performance through the page. The scene also shows close-ups of the important minor characters which I loved because it shows how his performance affects everyone in this series, in various degrees.

Enjoyment (✯◡✯)

Ay, should I spell it out? 😋

I absolutely loved the tension from start to finish. It makes me want to protect these 4 characters. The buildup is intense which is followed up by an even more intense climax.

The description and internal monologues are gold. I loved Aki’s description of love which is different from the usual sunshine and rainbows depiction. Then there’s Mafuyu’s unwritten song. I admit I might have teared up a bit on that part. Ue-sama, while not usually classy in his choice of words, created a good comparison of how the heart is like a guitar string.

All in all, if you are looking for angst with a dash of fluff and comedy and anything in between, this volume has it.

✭ Highlights ✭

  • The first scene with Aki’s description of love and seeing Ugetsu for the first time
  • Aki’s dad moments with his ‘sons’ Mafuyu and Ue-sama

  • Anything AkiHaru moments (though at this point I’m getting so sad whenever I see them because Haru keeps on getting riled up because of Aki while Aki is just being a good friend and bandmate.)
  • Mafuyu’s performance (you have something to look forward to after the performance :D)

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