[Webnovel] Mo Shang Hua Kai (陌上花開)

陌上花開 | Mo Shang Hua Kai

Author: 黑白劍妖 | Heibai Jian Yao

Raws: [I can’t seem to find the links for the raws. If you know, please do tell me.]

Translation: https://mnemeaa.wordpress.com/2013/11/09/mo-flower-chapter-1/ | https://luxiufer.livejournal.com/24015.html

Novel Updates: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/mo-flower/

Chapters: 9 + epilogue

Summary from Novel Updates:

It is rumored that the Vice Minister of Ministry of Rites is pregnant.

The cause of this incident is this:

“This day is really dull.”

“Feeling bored?”

“It’s a bit tedious to get through the day.”

“Cong Qing, do you want children?”

“If I did, would the emperor be willing?”

And so a dark tide surged, causing an unexpected disaster, disturbing a pool of calm spring water—

“Are you crazy?”

“You recall, during the Autumn Hunt that one year, when you and I would meet at the prairie at night—I was already crazy for you then.”

Passion is bottomless and wild; love is deep and without regrets.

Don’t ask the world for everything, only seek the heart alone.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

This CNovel is so cute! It is short with only 10 chapters in total but the author is able to tell the story in those chapters. The story starts with the Emperor Song Yu doting the sleep-loving Assistant Minister of Rites Li Cong Qing. I thought if they are already together, what story could the author tell more? But the author tells how the two are going to stay being together. It’s not an easy path with one in-charge of the entire country while the other only wanted to maintain his easy life.

The story is told in alternating timeline with every chapter featuring the present time before jumping to the past — the how they got together. It isn’t confusing as I thought it would be because the author clearly states where one time starts and when it ends. For the first few chapters, I favor the past timeline over the present because I loved how the Emperor and Li Cong Qing find a friend, despite their differences in status, between the two of them. Given the handful of chapters, the author still manages to make it a bit of a slow burn. In a way, this also gives its readers the time to connect to the main characters.

Neutral (¯ . ¯٥)

At times, there are parts of the narration where there’s a shift in point-of-view. Sometimes it feels like Li Cong Qing or the Emperor tells the story. In some cases, it would be the author directly addressing the readers. Oftentimes, it amuses me whenever they break the 4th wall. But other times, I find it jarring, being pulled back from a character. It’s like, I’m deep in a scene inside the character, then here comes author who sets the mood as if you are listening to a storyteller (or gossip in a tavern lol).


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

I love easy-going characters so naturally, I love Li Cong Qing who loves to sleep and someone who wants nothing but spend his life in a carefree manner. Despite how he appears as someone who is only with the Emperor by habit, I loved learning how he loves and cares for his lover. He loves appearing as someone who doesn’t care but he does.

I love how the Emperor lightly flirts with Li Cong Qing in front of the others like he appears to be this magnanimous leader while also the doting lover. And he dares to tease his lover in front of the whole council. I was a bit wary about the Emperor because Imperial love stories = harem. He obviously has kids. But I calmed down when it was said that the Emperor stopped visiting the harem and devoted himself with LCQ.

Both the Li and the Song families are to die for. They are so great and entertaining. Each of them has a distinct strong personality. But the best part is that they are there for each other. Always. Despite them teasing LCQ, they care about him and his relationship with the Emperor.

Enjoyment (✯◡✯)

I enjoy this a lot! If you want a short read with a good story, this is definitely the one!


  • The courting part! When the magnanimous Emperor starts pursuing Li Cong Qing. He’s like the wolf trying to corner his little rabbit.
  • I also love the part where Li Cong Qing realizes how much he loves and decides to stay beside the Emperor. That’s the most effort one could ever expect from him but it is the only thing the Emperor needs and the only thing that matter for these two.

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