[Manga] Megumi to Tsugumi (めぐみとつぐみ)

めぐみとつぐみ | Megumi to Tsugumi

Mangaka: Si Mitsuru (S井ミツル)

Status: Ongoing (?)

Serialized in: Qpa

Publisher: Takeshobo

Volumes: 1 (at the time of writing)


After hearing that a masked man with a steel pipe beat his friends, Megumi challenges this guy to a fight. A delinquent looking guy whose name is Yamada Tsugumi appeared to take him up to his challenge.

Yet suddenly an omega pheromone wafts in the air that confuses the heck out of the alphas in the area namely Megumi and his friends.

Tsugumi: I’m the one in heat.

What kind of omega in heat goes to fight an alpha!? Worst of all, he doesn’t even use a suppressant!


First things first, I put a question mark in the status section because it seems like Megumi and Tsugumi’s adventures still continue. In fact, chapter 10 (or was it 11) is published in the latest edition of Qpa. So there. Who knows we might get another volume soon!

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

Megumi to Tsugumi is set in an Omegaverse. I know, I’ve said this a lot of times, but what comes to mind when I heard of Omegaverse is that it will be full of red flags — it would be rape and angst-filled. But a delinquent omega is too good to pass.

While everyone who’s been into anime or manga might have encountered this kind of universe at one point, it is nice how the explanation is incorporated in the story. But the world still views omegas as baby-makers. And that’s one of the things that Tsugumi struggles. He is torn between his identity as omega and as himself.

The thing that I love the most about this is that the story is presented in a comical way while also establishing the characters’ personalities. Almost every interaction of Megumi and Tsugumi is hilarious which saved my weak heart for more angst.

Though it is also quite obvious that their story is not yet finished as Megumi is the only one with a complete character arc. Tsugumi has yet to wrap his head about liking someone else despite him already giving up his defenses when it comes to Megumi.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

Megumi is the more level-headed one, and one of the more serious and responsible alphas out there. He’s the voice of reason even among his friends. And it’s just hard to dislike Megumi. I absolutely adore him.

Other favorite characters of mine are Tsugumi’s family. His sister is like the peacemaker in the entire book with her ever calm personality. Then there are Tsugumi’s fathers who are like the older and more mature version of Megumi and Tsugumi. And come on, how many times do we see happy and complete families in Omegaverses?

Neutral (¯ . ¯٥)

Tsugumi can be really adorable but he is oh-so-hard-headed at times to the point where he can be frustrating. He is stubborn especially when it comes to his suppressants. I know it’s like a running joke for him to use his willpower to control his heat but it’s really inconsiderate for people like Megumi. It’s like he’s making people do things they don’t want to do but have no control over because he keeps on releasing his hormones like crazy.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

I love the art especially Tsugumi’s chibi — well chibi’s are always cute so…

Enjoyment (✯◡✯)

I enjoyed it a lot! I was a bit disappointed at first when I thought that I really finished the story when Tsugumi is not even that in love with Megumi. So I’m very happy to learn that there’s more to them and hopefully there’ll be a new volume before the year ends.


The scene where Tsugumi goes to their appointed place intending to fight only to be reeking of pheromones is the highlight. The scene tells a lot about the characters and it sets the mood of the entire book, like how Tsugumi is eager to overcome his heat and beat the alphas to a pulp while in heat. Meanwhile, there’s Megumi not wanting to fight someone in heat while also trying to overcome his instinct of attacking a random omega.

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