[Manga] Ore no Kirai na Yankee-kun (俺の嫌いなヤンキーくん。)

俺の嫌いなヤンキーくん。| Ore no Kirai na Yankee-kun.

Mangaka: Tenkawa Ai (天河 藍)

Status: Completed

Serialized in: Gateau Comics

Publisher: Ichijinsha POP

Volume: 1


Kaga’s perfect student mask is discovered by none other than the school’s delinquent Saotome. But then Kaga discovers that Saotome gets a hard-on with just the slightest touch from him. The usually loud and flashy Saotome blushing timidly under him has a certain that he couldn’t quite resist…


Another delinquent uke. LOL These ukes are too adorable to pass.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

I’m pretty judgmental when starting out a new manga. One reason is to prepare myself to be disappointed. So when I read the synopsis (not the one I made above lol), I thought “wow pretty interesting but I bet there’s blackmailing involve.” Then I read the first few pages and I thought that things would go downhill with the whole blackmailing thing. Who would have thought that the ‘blackmail’ material would be less of blackmail but more of a thing that brings them closer (not to mention fap material lol).

The story is pretty simple but totally relatable. Kaga lives his life by living with the expectations of the people around him thereby pushing himself to a corner. But it stresses him out and that’s why he hates Saotome’s carefree living but at least, Saotome lives his life the way he wants to and he’s unapologetic about it. I can somehow relate with Kaga for the whole trying to be perfect and flawless to fit in everyone’s expectations.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

What the story lacks in terms of story, it is filled by the characters.

What I love the most in this book is the moe gap – Kaga the ever mature and perfect student when he’s just your average teenager and Saotome the delinquent when he’s the bashful maiden in love. Despite their images, they are just both cinnamon rolls that you can’t help but root for their relationship.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

I have to be honest, I didn’t really expect much when I saw the cover. It wasn’t that appealing to me. But once I started reading, I actually loved it! The characters are beautiful! That beauty mark of Kaga makes him 10x more handsome.

But my favorite’s got to be Saotome. He’s probably the one with the most number of expressions. You name it, haughty, blushing, timid, sensual, happy, annoyed, etc. He’s got a wide range of looks and emotions and the mangaka captured them well.

Enjoyment (✯◡✯)

I love this! I enjoyed reading it more than I thought I would be. It’s a light read and a very fun one at that.


When Kaga sheds his good boy image and starts ranting. He’s just amusing to watch letting go of all of his inhibitions.

Also, that time when Saotome got hard after being casually touched by Kaga. because his reaction is gold and lol at the same time.

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