[Web Novel] My Childhood Buddy Keeps Trying To Turn Me Gay (发小总想掰弯我)

发小总想掰弯我 | My Childhood Buddy Keeps Trying To Turn Me Gay

Author: 浇花清酒 | JiaoHuaQingJiu

Raws: https://www.gongzicp.com/novel-17453.html

Translation: https://blackbox-tl.com/novels/tmg/

Novel Updates: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/my-childhood-buddy-keeps-trying-to-turn-me-gay/

Chapters: 5 + 1 extra

What it is (from BlackBoxTL)

Recently, my childhood buddy has been giving me some very ambiguous signs. Is he trying to turn me gay?

Gentle Flirtatious Top vs Proud and Easily Charmed Bottom

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

Why I love it ♡(。- ω -)

This one is so funny and entertaining to read! I think I enjoyed this more than My Enemy is Actually Secretly in Love with Me and laughed a lot here.

I think what makes this entertaining to read is because of the forum posts. They are not realistic posts, though, I can’t be sure if that’s how people talk in Chinese forums, but I’ve never encountered something like that (or I’m hanging out at the wrong forums lol). The posters are funny, friendly, and tease Chang Pei (MC) a lot which is very unlikely to happen on the internet among strangers lol. But still, those forum posts are the main reason I enjoyed reading.

Chang Pei is a simpleton but tolerable. Meanwhile, the description above about the gentle flirtatious top Jin Jiang is also very fitting. These two are just all about the fluff with their mutual pining. Chang Pei is freaking out with his crush as though he is a teenager lol. He made me forget that they are full-grown adults most of the time.

What didn’t work (¯ . ¯٥)

Short! Well, okay, granted this is twice the chapters of My Enemy is Actually Secretly in Love with Me but almost ¾ of each chapter revolves around the forum posts. The remaining ¼ is mostly glimpses of the couple’s flirting. Some of it are even told in the forum and not shown to readers.

Also because of emphasis on the forum posts, not much is known for the ML except for the tidbits Chang Pei shares about him. Jin Jiang is like there to bring in the fluff and feed dog food to single people, and his role is done.

This is for… (✯◡✯)

People looking for short novels with a dash of comedy and a lot of fluff.

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