[Manga] Are ga Shitai, Kore ga Hoshii. (アレがしたい、コレがほしい。)

アレがしたい、コレがほしい。| Are ga Shitai, Kore ga Hoshi.

Mangaka: Fumikawa Jimi (文川じみ)

Status: Completed

Publisher: Julian Publishing

Volume: 1

What it is (summary from Renta!)

With his sharp looks and handsome face, Kenta Sasanuma’s boss, Wataru Kuji, is Mr. Popular with everyone… In reality, though, he loves physical pleasure… and will do it with anyone!! Now, it looks like Kenta’s well-endowed manhood is in his sights. Almost every day, be it in the restroom or a meeting room, Wataru buries his face in Kenta’s lap and then practically begs him to stick it in. Kenta’s poor junk is being all kinds of exploited by his relentless boss…! Tossed about by his aggressive bottom of a manager, plain-old sales rep Kenta is in for a happy world of trouble.

I’m gonna be honest. What urged me to read this was because of that cover. I mean, who wouldn’t be lured by that cover?! LOL

Anyway, despite the summary, this book is actually composed of multiple short stories and pairings. Sasanuma and Kuji is just one of them. So I’ll tell you what stories I enjoyed and what could have done better.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

Why I love it ♡(。- ω -)

Are ga Shitai, Kore ga Hoshii – the one in the summary and cover

Story-wise, there is nothing groundbreaking in its 2 chapters. What makes this enjoyable for me is Kuji and Sasanuma. I love how they are able to explore their feelings and think about what they want in their relationship. This couple is also quite naughty, like innocent naughty compared to other hard-core pervs in other stories. 😁 I love power bottoms, and Kuji is not just one but also, very perverted at that. While their story is short, these two make it an entertaining read.

Uchi no Kaseifu Kowamote Kei!?

Haruka has a housekeeper with a perpetually scary face. Good thing is, despite his scary features, Suda is capable of doing the chores and in handling Haruka’s heart.

I didn’t have much expectation, but this 3rd story is unexpectedly good. Though there is some questionable stuff that happened here (not between the two mains, but because of a problematic side character). Due to its length, thankfully, the drama isn’t drawn out and serves as a force to propel their relationship forward. There isn’t much fluff, sadly. But the progress in the relationship and their honesty to each other is a big plus to me. 

Plus Suda is cute with his hair down.

Okujyou kara Koi

While this is pretty innocent-ish compared to the rest, this needs to have some trigger warning for attempted suicide and rape.

The title roughly translates Love from the Rooftop in which Hasegawa falls for Wakatsuki after constantly hearing the latter’s voice on the ground while Hasegawa loiters at the rooftop. He then attempts to have sex with the love of his life before he takes his life. Wakatsuki thwarted all of his plans, and they start being friends.

Despite their rough start, I love how they progress in their relationship. They are cute together, and Wakatsuki falling for Hasegawa is the most glorious thing I’ve seen in this book (other than Kuji’s pervertedness lol). I love seeing them fumbling but doing their best to talk things out. I’d love to read more, though, because it’s too short.


…with the Kuji brothers

This one is pretty fun where the Kuji brothers get competitive and try to rope their respective seme in this. 

…with Haruka’s friends

It is nice to see what happened to the friend and to the guy who attacked Haruka. I’m satisfied to have that guy be “attacked” instead by Haruka’s friend www.

What didn’t work (¯ . ¯٥)

Are Kare Ittemo, Hajimaranai

The 2nd story in the collection that features Kuji’s little brother, Nakaba. Compared to the ikemen older Kuji, Nakaba is gruff and brusque. After a very random event at his brother’s office, Nakaba gains a stalker by the name of Yonekubo who claims that he is in love with him. 

Ahh. The only thorn in this collection. It’s just very random. They had sex, and then Nakaba is all hung up with Yonekubo. Everything is too quick for me that’s why I didn’t enjoy it. Their romance feels forced compared to the rest of the stories. This is the only one that I did not like which is a shame.

This is for… (✯◡✯)

People who want to have a light and fun BL read.

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