[Web Novel] Why Do I Always Mortify Myself in Front of My Boss? (为什么我总在老板面前出丑)

为什么我总在老板面前出丑 | Why Do I Always Mortify Myself in Front of My Boss?

Author: 边想

Translation: https://countingaries.wordpress.com/novels/other-novels/why-do-i-always-mortify-myself-in-front-of-my-boss/

Novel Updates: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/why-do-i-always-mortify-myself-in-front-of-my-boss/

Chapters: 5

What it is (summary from translator’s site)

Short passage about a hemorrhoid patient, everyone has the duty to show concern for hemorrhoid victims.

Why do I always mortify myself in front of my boss? Was there a disruption in the heavenly cycle this year? Or maybe the layout of my new home is bad? BaZi and picture of the layout of my room is included below, I’d like to trouble you guys to help me take a look. Not that urgent so I won’t stay online and wait.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

Why I love it ♡(。- ω -)

These novels have very long titles but so little chapters lol. Similar to My Childhood Buddy Keeps Trying to Turn Me Gay, this one is also written in a forum post. But unlike MCBKTtTMG, the posts featured are all from the MC and no other posters featured. In a way, it might seem like he is talking with himself lol. 

The MC is the world’s unluckiest guy, I kinda feel bad for him lol. There are lots of hemorrhoidal talks, which might make some uncomfortable, but it is important for the humor. So prepare for a lot of 2nd hand embarrassment. 

While the start of the story is mostly about comedy, the romance comes in slow and steady but sweet and full of fluff. ML somehow raises MC’s chrysanthemum lol. He’s good at baiting his dense shou. Their exchanges and interactions are fun to watch. Especially the part when they are courting each other in a subtle way, making my cheeks hurt from too much grinning.

What didn’t work (¯ . ¯٥)

It’s a short and quick read so it’s hard to say what didn’t work out. If I have to nitpick, it’s going to be ML, though. I want to learn more about him as he is only known as the boss and nothing more about him. And I also want to see more of their interaction and not just the one-sided account of the MC.

This is for… (✯◡✯)

Those like me who want to have a light, quick, and fun read.

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