[Manga] Tabetemo Oishiku Arimasen 1 (食べてもおいしくありません 1 )

食べてもおいしくありません 1| Tabetemo Oishiku Arimasen 1

Mangaka: Yamada Nichoume (山田2丁目)

Status: Ongoing

Volumes: 2 (at the time of writing)

Frustrations from Mujintou led me to Tabetemo… I guess I didn’t want to accept that Yamada Nichoume is only as good as Mujintou, so I decided to give them another try with their new-ish series. Thankfully, I’m not disappointed.

In a world where demons and humans coexist, humans are treated as rare species. A chance encounter with a big-horned demon made a big change in Hiyori’s relatively peaceful life. Hodaka, the demon, demanded to allow Hiyori to eat him.

This is a pleasant surprise. I was expecting it to be full of blackmail, judging from the cover with cowering Hiyori and a towering demon in the background. But Tabetemo subverts every expectation I have.

Demons living peacefully with humans

For one, it is a treat to see demons afraid of humans. Usually, humans are scared of demons, but in this world, humans are like unicorns for these demons. I find the setting interesting especially with the demons acting like normal teenagers. They also have insecurities when it comes to the sizes of their horns as though it is some sort of a hierarchy. There are big-horned like Hodaka and then there are small-horns too. That is why Hiyori was able to pass as one because everyone assumes he is a small-horn.

Second, the world is pretty chill. Yeah, the title translates to I’m not delicious even if you eat me so I initially thought that it involves blackmailing and bullying. But it’s more of an excuse for smut really. Hodaka’s way of eating involves of licking and kissing Hiyori. Though, there was a bit of dubcon. But…

The uke is surprisingly level-headed

That leads me to the third point, Hiyori. He appears as the usual uke, frail, loud, stupid. As it turns out he far has higher EQ than Hodaka. Sure, he’s fussy and loud, but he knows when to stand his ground and leads Hodaka around. He has a say to their relationship.

I’d have to say that Yamada Nichoume’s art looks a lot cleaner here, and I still love it. The smut is still drawn hot as it is.

While I think the book ended in a good note, I am more than happy to get my hands to the next volume which, I think, is released May this year. I hope it’ll be just as good.

This is for people looking for stories with… (✯◡✯)

☑️ High schoolers

☑️ Demon x Humans

☑️ Stoic Seme

☑️ Loads of smut

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