[Manga] Love Awakening x Syndrome (恋⼼×シンドローム)

恋⼼×シンドローム | Koigokoro x Syndrome

Story and Art: Machida Tomato (町田 とまと)

Translated by: Amimaru Translation and Localization Services Ltd

Status: Completed

Available at futekiya (EN), Rakuten Kobo (JP) (both digital)

What it is (summary from futekiya)

College student Sano, who is curious about love but has never felt it, decides to go to associate professor Kigami, who’s famous for doling love advice out to his students. When he’s mistaken for a part-time assistant, however, Sano gets roped into cleaning the Archaeology department’s room for Kigami instead. Impressed by his work, Kigami gives him advice in exchange for his trouble and suggests Sano be his teacher’s assistant for real. But would his advice still successfully snag Sano a girlfriend, even though Kigami’s only ever liked guys?

Another title I picked up because it is on the first page lol. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it.

Love Awakening x Syndrome is a spin-off of another series, but I didn’t know it at the time so I read this without reading the first book. It didn’t affect my experience, and I imagine it won’t affect others too as the first book has little bearing to the story other than the appearance of one of the main characters of the other series.

Sano comes to Kigami for a piece of advice to get a girlfriend. Instead, he is hired to be an assistant as a payment for the lessons. Through the lessons, the two of them start getting close to each other until feelings kick in.

The story is pretty light, just the right amount of angst as the couple mulls about their feelings for each other. If anything, I enjoyed the balance of light-heartedness and angst that the overall mood is just feel-good romance.

I love the relationship between these two, not just the romance, but the friendship as well. The mangaka takes time to foster their relationship and slowly builds it up. It’s not instant love, and that’s a big plus too. Kigami really is the responsible adult who never takes advantage or pushes far but knows when to push back and apologize for the mistakes. I think that surprised me the most because I expected him to be pushy and touchy, but he knows his limits.

Another thing that I love in this book is how there’s consent and how the pairing feels equal, not only making Sano a weakling. I didn’t feel that Kigami has the upper-hand in the relationship and for Sano to be dumbed down.

This book checks all the boxes for me, and I have high hopes for the prequel.

This is for those looking for… (✯◡✯)

☑️ Age gap

☑️ Teacher x Student

Image from futekiya

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