[Manga] 素人ヤンキー♂危機一発!! [Shirouto Yankee Kikiippatsu!!]

素人ヤンキー♂危機一発!! | Shirouto Yankee Kikiippatsu!!

Story and Art: Happy Yaku (八百)

Available at Rakuten (JP)

A story about a wolf (not really… or is he?) and a delinquent. Sounds delicious and sexy, no?

Except that’s not exactly the thing that pulled me in.

Saved from a fight, the broke delinquent Arikawa Ryuuji decides to pay back his savior Oda Kaito in any way possible except for money. And Kaito has lots of ideas. For starters, a partner for his AV film…

For the first 3 chapters, it is like watching a game of cat and mouse with Kaito pursuing Ryuuji who he fondly calls Rika-chan. Rika-chan tries to avoid the other guy but ends up being roped in whatever shenanigans Kaito has, ranging from eating out together to having sex.

Up until this point, the manga has a wild, rough, and kind of cliche feel. It seems that everything they’ve done is whimsical. However, the change in tone in the second half of the book makes me like this more. But chapter 4 onwards shows a deeper side of the two especially Kaito. We get to know the root of his rather go-with-the-flow kind of attitude which starts to wear thin.

I just wished there’s more of Kaito and Rika-chan’s interaction outside of sex. The parts where they hang out are drawn in small snapshot scenes, just them hanging around like normal friends. I would have like to see, if not a chapter, maybe a single scene with them hanging out like normal friends. I couldn’t help but wonder what other things they have in common beyond hot sex?

Shirouto Yankee Kikiippatsu!! Surprises me with the character depth it shows, and the dynamics between Kaito and Rika-chan make the book enjoyable and more than porn without a plot. Adding a few more scenes that show their relationship or chemistry outside the bedroom would have been better.

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