[Manga] Uemura-kun wa Majime na Iiko. (上村くんは真面目ないい子。)

上村くんは真面目ないい子。 | Uemura is a Good Boy.

Story and Art: Megane (めがね)

Translated by: Amimaru Translation and Localization Services Ltd

Status: Completed

Available at futekiya (EN), Rakuten KOBO (JP)

Summary from futekiya

To his teachers, classmates, and parents, Uemura is a model student. But, that is hardly the truth. Beneath his serious exterior, Uemura loves masturbating more than anything else and spends his day thinking dirty thoughts. His facade as a serious student slips when his playboy underclassman, Matsuoka, catches him at school jacking off to dirty panties. Has Uemura finally found someone who can accept his true self?

What prompted me to read this was the contrast between the title and the cover. The title roughly translates “Uemura-kun is a Good Boy,” but the cover I saw was this?

This did not scream to me as a straight-laced student kind of good boy.

Uemura-kun wa Majime na Iiko is about the ever-reliable Student Council President Uemura who secretly loves pleasuring himself. One day, school playboy Matsuoka catches him on the act.

🍀Reasons to Bump This Up Your TBR

Matsuoka is also a good boy

Matsuoka catching Uemura masturbating could have turned to something cliche — the seme blackmailing the uke. But this was where it got interesting. Matsuoka may be the typical playboy character, but he’s not a typical seme. Instead of doing what most seme do, Matsuoka just lets Uemura enjoy the moment. It was a second-hand embarrassment for me, for sure, but I appreciated Matsuoka because of that. Our top may be a casanova, but he isn’t blackhearted who only pursues his own satisfaction. He asks for consent and even uses condom — RL logic that doesn’t seem to be common in the BL manga world.

More than fanservice

I expected smut, even PWP. And yes, that’s what I got. Along with some cute moments between the main couple and the other couple in the one-shot included in the book.

But I also enjoyed how Matsuoka helped Uemura accept his sexuality. While Uemura loves sex, he is ashamed of this at the same time. Meanwhile, Matsuoka is the opposite. He embraces this part of him, and so he lets Uemura feel to be comfortable with the act.

💔 Reasons to Bump This Down On Your TBR

Now that I think about it, Uemura didn’t really have this big revelation about not being shy about himself. Though I guess, the main focus eventually was the romance between the two. His character development would have been nice to be explored. Also, more moments with the two of them outside of sex.

Have you read this book? If not, do you plan on reading this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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