Bishie Holic

Bishie Holic is the place where I chronicle all the entertaining novels, manga, and games  I encounter. I talk about the different adventures and experiences I had in each of them.

I started this blog in an attempt to place the spotlight on underrated titles. There are just so many hidden gems out there that are usually outshone by more popular titles. I hope my posts would pique the interest of other people to try out other series.

But I don’t read manga and novels nor play visual novels just to scrutinize their technical parts. That’s not what Bishie Holic is for.

What I want to tell people is what makes these series worth the money and time. My posts reflect what I enjoyed and what should be celebrated. I hope to share to you what makes a certain series worthwhile.

Here’s a copy of what I’ve written on the page:

The older I get, the more laid back I become. Before, I would probably dismiss a story if it’s “too simple,” “not mindblowing enough,” and so on. I would be, “It’s fun but meh.” Snobbish, right? But I’ve realized that it’s not all about the complicated plots and amazing twists and turns. Sometimes, the quiet moments, the ones where I usually think that nothing happens, have the greatest impact on me. These are the scenes, the stories, that keep me entertained. I used to say that stories should have life lessons in them. The more it hurts, the closer it is to reality, the better. But these lessons don’t have to be all dry, serious, and dramatic. Sometimes, humor works well too. Or maybe, I don’t have to turn to these books and games for that because I already have too much of the dreary stuff called Real Life. Maybe what these games, manga, and novels offer is a way to step back from real life, a way to make me laugh and keep me entertained.

So lately, I’ve been reading series that is fun for me, regardless of whether they’re too silly, impossible, dramatic, you get the idea. My rule is, as long as I’m entertained, it’s good.

Bishie Holic uses a Positive, Neutral, and Negative system which are used to tell which part of the series stood out and which isn’t. I used this to talk about the Story, Characters, Art and Music (if included). There’s also Enjoyment rating because sometimes there’s a very simple story but very enjoyable as well is worth recommending. Then, there’s the Highlights part, where I write the scenes that stands out among the rest.

I mainly talk about What I loved in a series and What didn’t work out. At the end of each post, I also put tags or keywords that the readers might want to find out about the series.

So join me in this feels-filled adventure!

Updated: 05/15/20