Bishie Holic

Bishie Holic is the place where I chronicle all the entertaining novels, manga, and games  I encounter. I talk about the different adventures and experiences I had in each of them.

I started this blog in an attempt to place the spotlight on underrated titles. There are just so many hidden gems out there that are usually outshone by more popular titles. I hope my posts would pique the interest of other people to try out other series.

But I don’t read manga and novels nor play visual novels just to scrutinize their technical parts. That’s not what Bishie Holic is for.

What I want to tell people is what makes these series worth the money and time. My posts reflect what I enjoyed and what should be celebrated. I hope to share to you what makes a certain series worthwhile.

Bishie Holic uses a Positive, Neutral, and Negative system which are used to tell which part of the series stood out and which isn’t. I used this to talk about the Story, Characters, Art and Music (if included). There’s also Enjoyment rating because sometimes there’s a very simple story but very enjoyable as well is worth recommending. Then, there’s the Highlights part, where I write the scenes that stands out among the rest.

Posting sched:

Wednesdays – Webnovels / Games

Saturdays – Manga / Webtoons

Sundays – Awesome Possum

So join me in this feels-filled adventure!

Updated: 06/16/2019