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I love seeing my favorite titles together so I created this list, which also serves as a recommendation post. These titles are the ones I loved and enjoyed. It may be your cup of tea. Maybe not.

The list and the keywords will be updated every now and then. Depending on RL stuff, I may update it change of season or just whenever I feel like it.

For easier navigation, the titles are listed in alphabetical order. The titles here are linked to my blog posts where I further explained what I enjoyed in the series. I also used keywords, in case you are searching for a particular theme, trope, genre, etc. They may contain spoilers, though.

Don’t forget to use CTRL + F when searching! 😀

Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging You Away (执子之手,将子拖走)

Keywords: lazy MC ✩ transmigration ✩ multiple possible ML ✩ quick-witted MC ✩ royal families ✩ rich people problem ✩ foolish MC ✩




log: 12-27-18