Hello everyone! It’s been a while. How’s your 2024 so far? For me, I spent the first 3 months of the year consumed by Marry My Husband lol.

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It all started with Park Minyoung’s stills from the promotional images of Marry My Husband Kdrama. The drama premiered on January 1st, and I was hooked! I went looking for the source material aka the webtoon and started reading (I didn’t know at the time that the series was originally a web novel before it was adapted to a webtoon).

Jiwon has only a few months left to live because of cancer. She leads a shitty life with an equally shitty husband. To top it off, she discovers that her husband cheats with her best friend. Thus, when she goes back 10 years from the past, she vows to pass her shitty life onto those two.

Jiwon has only trashy people around her. She deserves all the love and happiness she can get. But, as someone rooting for her happiness, I want her to fight for her life too. She didn’t really get to do that in her first life. That’s why, in this regard, I prefer drama Jiwon over her manwha counterpart. Drama Jiwon chooses to do things by herself. Manwha Jiwon relies on Jihyuk more (The guy offered I know. Still… ). He’s the golden cheat.

Still, the story is gripping as it is fast-paced! Especially for the first 20 chapters or so when Jiwon is building up her revenge. It’s a fun tropey read down to Sumin’s pretend pregnancy.

I started reading this because I wanted something vengeful, but I felt like this was rather tame instead. Satisfying, at the same time, lackluster? Or maybe my threshold for revenge stories is high? I was expecting something like The Glory (too extreme) or maybe Temptations of a Wife levels. Or maybe it was because Jiwon didn’t go to the extreme side? Her machinations are rather bland.

Because of this series, I started to like awkward guys like Jihyuk. Speaking of Jihyuk, thanks to the drama, I already knew most of his secrets which could have been a huge shock factor in the story. The drama spoiled most of the secrets early on lol.

While I adore Jiwon and Jihyuk, my favorites end up being the side characters! Namely, Juran, Huiyeon, and the reformed bullies.

I love seeing Juran go from timid to bold. Just as much as I love how her relationship with Lee blossomed. It’s rare to see a story of an older woman x younger man trope. At least for me, I don’t encounter those stories that much. Maybe I should dig deeper for more.

Meanwhile, Huiyeon is the friend everybody wants to have. She’s such a bright character. I like that she got her own HEA too, but does she really need it? I feel like she can do without the romance with Eunho. It’s too soon for him and quite random for her. (Though, I love their pairing in the drama as they are given more build-up scenes.) Huiyeon can be the happily single friend and that’s a happy ending too.

For some reason, Eunho feels a lot like Kazehaya — the kind of lead whose only purpose is to make the readers swoon. Which they easily accomplished by showing up on the panel.

The reformed bullies are also a nice touch. What they did was the worst, but they surprisingly acknowledged and apologized for that. They even tried to make up to Jiwon for what they did.

Despite having 4 main female leads, everyone is distinguishable from one another due to their styling and art. Jiwon has that sophisticated look, Sumin has a flowery and girlish style, Juran with a more mature design, and Huiyeon in her casual but chic clothes.

Series: Marry My Husband

Created by sungsojak

Adapted by LICO

Available at Webtoon


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