Webcomic TBR List

My manga list has Bookmeter (moved to) Goodreads while my CNovel lists have Novel Updates . Meanwhile, my webtoon list have none. So I decided to create this page to list down the webcomics that I wanted to read, whether I’ve already read the free chapters or not. When I get another free time or excess money, I wouldn’t have to waste my time searching through every website, risking getting attracted to some other new and shiny series lol.

  • (?) – Still unsure if I’ll read them or not


  • Voice of Love
  • Royal Servant
  • If You Hate Me So
  • The Baker on the First Floor (?)
  • H&H Roman Company (?)
  • The Prince of Proctology
  • BJ Alex (?)
  • A Guy Like You
  • Playtime with Hakdo
  • Star x Fanboy
  • Sign
  • Painter of the Night
  • Love Shuttle
  • The Devil’s Temptation
  • The Keystone Romance Combination


  • They Say I Was Born The King’s Daughter
  • Lover’s Vain
  • Adonis
  • Hate You, Love You (?)
  • My Four Masters
  • Your Romance
  • Lack of Love
  • Hold Me Tight
  • Till Our Lips Touch
  • A Lucky Coin
  • Scandalous M
  • Oh My Assistant
  • Dirty Vibration


  • Walk on Water
  • Not Boyfriends Yet
  • His House
  • Cherry Blossoms After Winter
  • His Enemy Downstairs
  • My Darling Signed In
  • The Sweetest Man
  • Room to Room (?)