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[Novel] Holidays for Two

Title: Holidays for Two by Briar Prescott

Published on: January 1, 2021

Summary (from Goodreads):

Two friends, two secret crushes…

Rory’s year is going to end on a low note:

– An unexpected family emergency means Christmas is canceled.

– His best friend doesn’t know Rory is head over heels in love with him.

– Rory might just be a bit too much of a coward to tell Matt about his feelings.

In short, everything sucks.

Matt’s year is going to end on a high note:

– He doesn’t have to endure his family’s superficial take on Christmas.

– Instead, he gets to spend the holidays with Rory.

– And, oh yeah, Matt has finally gotten up the courage to tell Rory that he’s hopelessly in love with him.

Now, if everything goes according to the plan, these holidays might just be the best ones either of them has ever had…

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