It’s hereeee!!! I’ve been excited about this because finally, finally, finally!

Summary from the back of the book:

As Mo Ran accompanies Chu Wanning in pursuit of the mastermind behind the mysterious incidents plaguing his life reborn, Mo Ran finds his hatred for his teacher beginning to waver. Yet all too soon, disaster strikes again: the opening of the Heavenly Rift, a tear in the fabric of the world that would set hell’s most terrible demons loose upon humanity.

Despite all he has seen since rebirth, Mo Ran is unprepared to face the greatest tragedy of his past life — the calamity that turned him against his teacher forever and set him on the lonely path to a bloodstained throne. If Mo Ran is to avoid this bitter fate, he must make a new choice and break with the past. But while the tragedy of this life may unfold differently, the sacrifices will be no less great.

Non-spoilery thoughts:

If there’s one thing to know about this volume, is that it is full of knives so be prepared. Hehe.

There are also too many flashbacks. Of all the things that happened in this book, these scenes stood out the most. I’m rather impatient to see what’s going to happen to the rest of the characters, but instead, I’m bombarded with backstories throughout the volume. This turns into a love-hate relationship between me and the book. On one hand, it impedes the story’s progress, and I hate it. On the other, I love imagining how painful it must be for Mo Ran to remember the past and face the present. It feels like rubbing salt on an open wound. All the past that Mo Ran tried to forget — the bad, the worse, and the worst, resurfaces and haunts his memories. And I’m here to watch him fall from his high horse, something I’ve been waiting for since volume 1.

But the change in the middle is a sweet welcome. Maybe, he really is going to dodge that road to hell.

STOP! Spoiler~y thoughts ahead.



Spoilery thoughts:

The misunderstanding of a lifetime is finally cleared… at the cost of Chu Wanning’s life. This volume is like an emotional roller coaster ride for Mo Ran. First, he found himself weirdly attracted to his Shizun (if you remember, at the end of volume 2, the Fake Gouchen, put a spell on him to have even more intense feelings for the person he loves, which FG presumed to be Shi Mei. Heh.), then dread when he found himself in the calamity again, hate when Chu Wanning left him to die, and finally grief and sorrow, after learning about his Shizun’s death and all of the things his master did for him.

This screams of…

and I’m freaking here for it!

“Ge.” Xue Meng had finally stopped crying, but his voice was flat, like he was dead. “We don’t have a shizun anymore.”

Mo Ran is choosing a different path than the one he took in his previous life, and he starts by being a proper disciple to his Shizun. I love the part when they start collecting CWN’s souls, not just because of Mo Ran, but the flirting! MR goes all out in wooing CWN. I love how the titles of each chapter change after Chu Wanning’s death which signals the change in Mo Ran’s heart. Before, it was the high and mighty title of an Emperor, the “This Venerable One blahblah.” After that, it changes to, Shizun this or Shizun that.

At this point, I think, there’s definitely something sus about Shi Mei. In the previous volume, it is mentioned that the Fake Gouchen uses a water element or something blue in his powers. This time, when they are infusing their powers into the lamps to collect CWN’s souls, Shi Mei’s lamp turns blue. Coincidence? I think not.

While this book mostly focuses on Chu Wanning and Mo Ran’s relationship, there are bits of plot thrown in there that are raised in previous volumes. Like the re-emergence of Fake Gouchen and the connection to the first case from the first volume. Then there’s Chu Xun from Volume 2 and his possible connection to Chu Wanning’s soul.

Time skip! I can’t wait to find out what happens after five years in the next volume. Hopefully, that will ease the ick factor when I look at Chu Wanning and Mo Ran’s age gap…

Series: The Husky & His White Cat Shizun (Erha He Ta De Bai Mao Shizun)

Written by: Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou (肉包不吃肉)

Translation: Rynn and Jun

Cover and Interior Art: St

Available at: JJWXC (the series is currently locked), Seven Seas Danmei (English)

Volumes (English): 1, 2, 3, 4


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