[Manga] Taiyou no Ie 1 (たいようのいえ 1)

taiyou no ie 1

Taiyou no Ie’s popularity piqued my interest. But after finishing volume 1, I left feeling neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.


[Manga] Kirakira no Hibi (キラキラの日々)


Back in 2014, I posted Kirakira no Hibi and my new found love for Sagami Waka. Years later, I finally had the time to sit down and re-read the entire book again.

Kirakira no Hibi features two short stories from Sagami Waka.

[Manga] Watashi no Shounen 1 (私の少年 1)

watashi no shounen

Watashi no Shounen tops this year’s Kono Manga ga Sugoi list. The guidebook is released yearly, containing the top manga series. What made me curious about Watashi no Shounen is the fact that the title says “shounen” but the cover looks like a girl?? It turns out, this beautiful kid is indeed a boy.

[Manga] Ano Ko wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai (あのこはソレを我慢できない)

ano-ko wa sore wo gaman dekinai

Wouldn’t it excite you to see a side of someone you’ve never seen before? This happens to Jun when he sees his best friend’s make out face, in contrast to his usual serious look. He then starts seducing his best friend Aki, oblivious to the other’s feelings.

[Manga] Darenimo Naisho de. (だれにも内緒で。)

darenimo naisho de

I enjoyed Okubyou mono ni I love you a lot, so I decided to read Sakura Rico’s other manga, Darenimo Naisho de. Also included in this book is the story Fukigen My Lover. It’s a two-chapter sequel of Sakura Rico’s other work, Ijiwaru My Lover.