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[Manga] 素人ヤンキー♂危機一発!! [Shirouto Yankee Kikiippatsu!!]

素人ヤンキー♂危機一発!! | Shirouto Yankee Kikiippatsu!!

Story and Art: Happy Yaku (八百)

Available at Rakuten (JP)

A story about a wolf (not really… or is he?) and a delinquent. Sounds delicious and sexy, no?

Except that’s not exactly the thing that pulled me in.

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[Manga] Tabetemo Oishiku Arimasen 1 (食べてもおいしくありません 1 )

食べてもおいしくありません 1| Tabetemo Oishiku Arimasen 1

Mangaka: Yamada Nichoume (山田2丁目)

Status: Ongoing

Volumes: 2 (at the time of writing)

Frustrations from Mujintou led me to Tabetemo… I guess I didn’t want to accept that Yamada Nichoume is only as good as Mujintou, so I decided to give them another try with their new-ish series. Thankfully, I’m not disappointed.

In a world where demons and humans coexist, humans are treated as rare species. A chance encounter with a big-horned demon made a big change in Hiyori’s relatively peaceful life. Hodaka, the demon, demanded to allow Hiyori to eat him.

This is a pleasant surprise. I was expecting it to be full of blackmail, judging from the cover with cowering Hiyori and a towering demon in the background. But Tabetemo subverts every expectation I have.

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[Manga] Mujintou ni Motte Iku Nara (無人島に持っていくなら)

無人島に持っていくなら | Mujintou ni Motte Iku Nara

Mangaka: Yamada Nichoume (山田2丁目)

Status: Completed

Volume: 1

I’ve had this book on my Kobo for the longest time that I can no longer remember what made me pick this up. I think it was the Datte Maou-sama wa Kare ga Kirai series that sparked my Yamada Nichoume phase? At the time, I was fairly new with their writing and wanted to know more. Sadly, this phase ended prematurely with Mujintou. God knows how many times I’ve tried to read this, put down, wait, restart again.

You know, it’s hard to talk about this book because I had a rough time wrapping my head around this most of the time. With each restart, I hoped that things would get a little clearer to me. But to no avail. Even after finishing it now, I’m still quite lost and confused at some parts of this one. Maybe because I wanted to like this book so much and have liked some of Yamada Nichoume’s works before that I couldn’t let myself think that this book somehow disappointed me?

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[Manga] Are ga Shitai, Kore ga Hoshii. (アレがしたい、コレがほしい。)

アレがしたい、コレがほしい。| Are ga Shitai, Kore ga Hoshi.

Mangaka: Fumikawa Jimi (文川じみ)

Status: Completed

Publisher: Julian Publishing

Volume: 1

What it is (summary from Renta!)

With his sharp looks and handsome face, Kenta Sasanuma’s boss, Wataru Kuji, is Mr. Popular with everyone… In reality, though, he loves physical pleasure… and will do it with anyone!! Now, it looks like Kenta’s well-endowed manhood is in his sights. Almost every day, be it in the restroom or a meeting room, Wataru buries his face in Kenta’s lap and then practically begs him to stick it in. Kenta’s poor junk is being all kinds of exploited by his relentless boss…! Tossed about by his aggressive bottom of a manager, plain-old sales rep Kenta is in for a happy world of trouble.

I’m gonna be honest. What urged me to read this was because of that cover. I mean, who wouldn’t be lured by that cover?! LOL

Anyway, despite the summary, this book is actually composed of multiple short stories and pairings. Sasanuma and Kuji is just one of them. So I’ll tell you what stories I enjoyed and what could have done better.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

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[Manga] Ore no Kirai na Yankee-kun (俺の嫌いなヤンキーくん。)

俺の嫌いなヤンキーくん。| Ore no Kirai na Yankee-kun.

Mangaka: Tenkawa Ai (天河 藍)

Status: Completed

Serialized in: Gateau Comics

Publisher: Ichijinsha POP

Volume: 1


Kaga’s perfect student mask is discovered by none other than the school’s delinquent Saotome. But then Kaga discovers that Saotome gets a hard-on with just the slightest touch from him. The usually loud and flashy Saotome blushing timidly under him has a certain that he couldn’t quite resist…


Another delinquent uke. LOL These ukes are too adorable to pass.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

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[Manga] Megumi to Tsugumi (めぐみとつぐみ)

めぐみとつぐみ | Megumi to Tsugumi

Mangaka: Si Mitsuru (S井ミツル)

Status: Ongoing (?)

Serialized in: Qpa

Publisher: Takeshobo

Volumes: 1 (at the time of writing)


After hearing that a masked man with a steel pipe beat his friends, Megumi challenges this guy to a fight. A delinquent looking guy whose name is Yamada Tsugumi appeared to take him up to his challenge.

Yet suddenly an omega pheromone wafts in the air that confuses the heck out of the alphas in the area namely Megumi and his friends.

Tsugumi: I’m the one in heat.

What kind of omega in heat goes to fight an alpha!? Worst of all, he doesn’t even use a suppressant!


First things first, I put a question mark in the status section because it seems like Megumi and Tsugumi’s adventures still continue. In fact, chapter 10 (or was it 11) is published in the latest edition of Qpa. So there. Who knows we might get another volume soon!

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

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[Manga] Friend Line (フレンドライン)

フレンドライン | Friend Line

Mangaka: Sakumoto Ayu (佐久本あゆ)

Status: Completed

Serialized in: B’s-LOVEY COMICS

Volumes: 1


After discovering that his coworker and friend Miyamori is being beaten by his lover, Fukami decides to step in. They started living together and soon, falling for each other. But would these new feelings be enough to cross over their friend line?

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

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Awesome Possum 14

Time for another Awesome Possum!

Awesome Possum posts consist of random internet finds. Any blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, anything under the sun will be included here. To be clear, this won’t only include games or manga. It will be anything and everything. Some posts may not be necessarily posted this week, but I’ve only discovered about them this week.

The past weeks have been really hectic so I apologize for my late posts.

So let’s get started.😋

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[Manga] Akai Ito no Shikkou Yuuyo (赤い糸の執行猶予)

赤い糸の執行猶予 | Akai Ito no Shikkou Yuuyo

Mangaka: Yoshio Akira (吉尾アキラ)

Status: Completed

Published in Japanese by drap Comics

Published in English by Renta!

Volumes: 1

Summary from Renta!:

Keiji has the special ability to see red strings of fate…threads that connect when two people are meant to spend the rest of their lives together. One day, he looks down at his hand and sees that his string has finally connected to someone!! But when Keiji finds the person on the other end, he realizes it’s… a guy!!!

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

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[Manga] Given 5 (ギヴン 5)

ギヴン(5) | Given (5)

Mangaka: Kizu Natsuki (キヅナツキ)

Status: Ongoing

Volumes: 5 (Current) [v1, v2, v3, v4]


With the upcoming fest, the band is ever busy creating their music. Mafuyu still stumped in writing the lyrics, Uenoyama struggles with his unnamed feelings about his and Mafuyu’s relationship, Haruki tries to move on, and Akihiko coming in terms with his love. How will these tangled emotions affect their music?

Have you guys seen the anime!?!?!?!



I haven’t yet. LOL

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

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