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[Manga] Charisma Doll (カリスマ・ドール)

charisma doll

It is usual for high school girls to admire popular singers and bands. Miyuki Sara is no different from them. She’s a fan of the No. 1 group, The Rise particularly the band’s lead singer named Hayase Shidou. The two of them are students of Toua High, a special entertainment school.

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[Manga] Shinshi Doumei Cross (紳士同盟クロス)


shinshi doumei

In Imperial Academy, students are classified into ranks. The ranks range from Gold, Silver, and Copper. Haine Otomiya, the heroine of the story, ranks as Copper in the Academy. She is in love with the Koutei (Emperor) Shizumasa Tougu, the only Gold ranked student and heir of the Tougu family.

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