[Manga] PINK GOLD (ピンクゴールド)

Took me a while to get my hands to this book. Mandarake had been my saving grace when no online store had this in stock. I was even ready to shell money for proxy. Hooray Mandarake! o/

I had a hard time looking for reviews of this book before. Although I was pretty sure that I’ll buy this for Viewfinder’s story (Asami-samaaa <3), I was hesitant if I’ll really be liking the other stories. It turned out to be good and enjoyable! I was not familiar to most of the mangaka but their stories were intriguing and hot. Some themes were not my type, though. Anyway, it’s just a matter of taste. xD

Read below for the summaries of each story~ Be aware though that it could get spoilery at times so proceed with caution. Also, some photos were NSFW so be careful about that too. :3