[Manga] Watashi ga Motete Dousunda 1 (私がモテてどうすんだ 1)


Whoever decided that the person beside a prince should be a princess?

Junko is one of my favorite BL mangaka. So when they first released this years before, I had a mixed reaction. One part of me went “ZOMG shoujo by Junko!” while the other part was “shoujo by the BL mangaka Junko? Yes, some mangaka do cross-genre but it is certainly not an everyday occurrence.

Junko is known for their BL works. And guess what their shoujo is all about? A fujoshi heroine!

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[Manga] Star-like Words(スターライクワーズ)

High school student Subaru loves sex. What he really wants though, is to find that special someone whom he can connect with emotionally and physically.


One day, while making out in the art room with his sex friend, Subaru sees a painting that causes his heart to beat like crazy! He thinks he has found the love of his life. However, the artist Nagayama is an antisocial lad and rejects Subaru. But Subaru’s not going to back down and will go on an all-out attack!


[Manga] Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

Oh look it’s Junko!

Another manga I liked without realizing that the one who created this is another BL mangaka. orz BUT OMG it is JUNKO! <3333 I thought it was only just a coincidence that their name is the same. I was like “Wow, this person really catches the BL atmosphere”. wwwwww
Flailings ahead~