Oh look it’s Junko!

Another manga I liked without realizing that the one who created this is another BL mangaka. orz BUT OMG it is JUNKO! <3333 I thought it was only just a coincidence that their name is the same. I was like “Wow, this person really catches the BL atmosphere”. wwwwww


I only read one chapter and maaan this is so hilarious!

Our heroine is a fujoshi who ships her classmates. Kae is known for being the ‘fat girl’ in her class. But she doesn’t care as long as she can see the moe-ness of her guy classmates. She is also addicted to a game and loooves the main guy so much to the point of being depressed when he died. Due to her depression, she doesn’t go to school or goes out of her room and eat. After a week, of course, her mother is worried so she told her son to force her sister out of her room. Voila! A bishoujo appears! She is no other than our dear fujoshi, Kae. With her absurdly fast transformation, the guys from her school are now trying to get her attention! AHAHAHAHA

One thing that attracted me to this manga is the heroine being a big fan of BL 8D. Though I never tried shipping my guy classmates with one another |D. Anyway, everything in this manga is absurd and funny. From Kae to the character’s reactions, everything! lmao

I’m crossing my fingers that Kae wouldn’t change and remain as her no-damsel-in-distress self (don’t stop being a fujoshi, girl 8D) despite all the affection she is getting. I’m excited just by thinking what will happen next! AHAHAHA


6 thoughts on “[Manga] Watashi ga Motete Dousunda”
  1. This reminds me of this terrible otome/BL game I once played called Double Reaction Plus. If you want to play a heroine who loves to ship dudes together (and ship dudes with her brother) I’d give it a look lol

  2. This manga is one of the most interesting ones i’ve come upon and I love how the heroine is a fujoshi, it’s hilarious seeing her ship the guys who fall for her! It’s gonna be one fun ride especially if she stays true to her fujoshi spirit xD

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