I’m combining my first impression and branching point post for 7’scarlet in this post (*´∨`*).


First Impression

First Impression posts cover the common route. Usually. But with 7’scarlet, guessing where the common route ends and when the individual character routes start is a tough one. The game doesn’t have chapters to know where you are in the story.

So my first thought about 7’scarlet is that it’s just a horror otome game. But I didn’t take it seriously since Shiratsuyu no Kai attempted the same thing and failed. Although both Amayan and Yume-chan liked this, I’m still on the fence.

The first time I opened the game, the cutscene and the animated backgrounds surprised me. It was awesome. The whole animated thing is also effective in delivering the scary parts. I got so scared that I started becoming wary whenever there is a change of bgm www.

Branching Point

While I have already finished, like, half of the guys, there is still too many information, too many loose ends to tie up. But that makes me want to play more. I want to know what’s the real deal with the characters. I only have questions. And I can’t wait to have answers.

I’ve already finished 3 routes and my favorite among the guys are Toa and Hino. Hino because I love the natural progress of their relationship. Meanwhile, Toa’s route feels more otome than mystery. I’m okay with that because he’s such a cute oddball. But the guide I’m using recommended to do his good end again once finished with the Truth end. Of course, my first question is why www. What’s the connection between his end and the Truth end?

As for the other guys, Isora is definitely in my least fave (*^□^)ニャハハハハハハ! A lot of weird things go on his route that makes me not want to trust him. Still in the middle of playing Sousuke’s route and he is a bit…hmm. I definitely wouldn’t want to talk to him that much IRL because his way of thinking stresses me out www (I just finished his route and he’s pretty cute!). Yuzuki, though, looks like the most difficult character to approach. But he also appears to be holding the key to everything so I’m looking forward to his route.

Ichiko is a pretty okay heroine. Though I’m starting to question her sense of danger. Because she seems to disregard the danger around her. I can understand when she was young but when she turns an adult? Hmm quite questionable. I want to see her brother though!


Yuki… Why is he a shota /cries.

So there. I’m enjoying 7’scarlet at the moment but I’m hoping and praying that the ending won’t be a letdown.


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