Dead or Love ~狂愛の無人島~ | Eden of Ikemen: Love in a Lost World

Company: AbracadabraGames in collaboration with EMIQ.

Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)

Category: Adventure, Otome Game, VN

English Release Date: August 6 (iOS), 7 (Android), 2019

Official Site:


The luxurious cruise ship that you’re on sinks.

The 14 survivors, including you, are washed up on a desert island.

Escape is your main goal, but a series of dangerous traps set by an unknown perpetrator keeps coming your way.

What will you do when it turns out that an intricately designed trap was to blame for the sinking of the luxurious cruise ship!?

On the island full of conspiracy, you find yourself being protected by charming ikemen with unique personalities!

Will the path you’re on lead you to your fated one?

Who will you choose to live within an Eden of love and desire?

After 3 years, I’m back to playing mobile otome games! 😂 I don’t think I was able to blog about the games I played before? Save for Mystic Messenger, that is.

So you might wonder why I picked up another mobage. Well, I was free and scrolling through Google Play when a representative of AbracadabraGames sent an email about their newly released game.

The information and the images are provided (except for the one that I used in the Highlight section) by AbracadabraGames. All game-related information used in this post will be put into quotes. Rest assured that my initial impressions are my honest view of the game.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

The 14 strangers trapped in an isolated island sounds a lot like some of my favorite mystery games. Add in an amnesic heroine and you’ll have a very curious setup.

In my playthrough which is still in Chapter 2, there’s not much detail about the ship yet or what happened so I kept on guessing what might have caused all of this.

What I liked about the Eden of Ikemen is that instead of getting the MC and her guy as the end goal and the sole plot, there are still other things — more pressing things — that is going on other than the romance. And that’s what’s making me come back to the game.


◆ Cool x Stoic: Fenrir the Strongest Soldier

“…It’s dangerous here. Stay close to me.”

A taciturn man who keeps pushing you away.

And yet, whenever you are in a bind, he will always come to your rescue.

His identity and background, including his real name, are all shrouded in mystery and no one knows why he keeps these details in secrecy.

Though apparently, he comes to the island after receiving an invitation from someone…

◆ Mysterious x Impish: Joshua the Sexy and Wanted Criminal

“Hey, Eve. Want to try the forbidden fruit?”

An internationally wanted con-artist who deceives the rich.

Since meeting you on the desert island, you’ve been on his mind and he’s been trying to seduce you.

His criminal record as a genius hacker has helped him approach the wealthy, including the yakuza and the investor, but little is known about his true goal and identity.

◆ Fierce x Passionate: Eiji the Reliable War Doctor

“Hey… What do you say we get on with the artificial respiration?”

An optimistic war doctor who’s been on the battlefield before–at least, that’s how his introduction goes. No one knows what his true goal is.

However, it seems to be related to his birth…

Right now, I’m playing Fenrir’s route. But honestly, I would have wanted to start with Eiji then Joshua and then Fenrir. I want to keep him last because for some reason, I keep on thinking of him as the poster boy = has the secrets lol. But sadly, Eiji’s route is planned to be released in November. For now, my play order would be Fenrir -> Joshua -> Eiji.

But at least I have this as consolation.

However, scenarios featuring Eiji will appear in events before the release of his main route.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

Fenrir, Joshua, and Eiji are all ikemen indeed so props to that. 😉

As characters, the three main guys, along with Sumire (the name of MC is changeable), are interesting. The guys seem like they have their own hidden agenda under those caring attitudes they show to Sumire.

As for Fenrir, he really does look like he’s the wild lone wolf, fitting his name. But while he has his cute sides and that tsundere attitude of his, his wide knowledge in survival looks suspicious.

But not as suspicious of Joshua, who reminds me of this Joshua. He flirts with Sumire every chance he gets. And despite his friendly attitude, he’s just as fishy as the other strangers.

In fairness to Sumire though, her amnesia fits her role well as the one uncovering the secrets. I would have loved to know if she is directly or indirectly related to what happened to the ship. Though I’m kind of ‘hmm’ with her good girl personality at first. But then again, being Miss Goody Two Shoes might be her advantage for survival.

Neutral (¯ . ¯٥)

There’s this one thing that made me tilt my head in confusion and that is — why is everyone falling head over heels for Sumire? 😅 The guys are already fighting over her right from the moment she opens her eyes. Like why?


~Game Features and How to Play~

In this dating sim/adventure game, players proceed through an exciting story while aiming to reach the best ending. Use the 5 free tickets provided every day, or get them via special events or through the in-game Shop. Overcome Skill missions and Avatar missions to conquer the heart of your ikemen! Gather plenty of useful in-game items and Avatars to give your character a unique look. The story changes according to the player’s decisions, and beautiful CGs unlock once they’ve reached the required level of Affection.


I’m lucky enough to be able to get these bonuses when I downloaded the game. So be sure to get Eden of Ikemen now for these. Those rare dresses are helpful for proceeding in the story and just think of the 10 free story keys you can get that allows you to change routes! Who doesn’t love free things?

But don’t worry, even if you missed them, there is an ongoing promo for story tickets. There seem to be promos every now and then so be sure to take advantage of that!

Positive ♡(。- ω -)

Alright. As for the gameplay, you don’t know how thankful I am for the tutorial. While my last game was back in 2016, the last time that I played this kind of game (meaning, not the mobile interactive type like MysMes but more of the usual linear storytelling) was back in 2012. So I only have vague memories of how these games work. But the game guides you every step of the way which is helpful to new and returning players alike.

My only tip is that, if possible, especially if you’re a frugal player like me, open the game multiple times a day and do explorations once your meter is filled up. That way, you ensure that you are always ahead of the needed skills and you can progress the story smoothly. Don’t forget to spin gacha and change your avatar’s clothes for higher chances of winning. (I do enjoy the dressing up part though!)


Here’s a little more information for those who are concerned about the language. As we know, Eden of Ikemen is translated from Japanese to English. But other than English…

We released the English version, and we plan to localize it to French and German too.

For those who would rather play the game in French or German instead of English:

If you start playing the game in English, please note that you can’t change the language to French or German and keep the same account!

Please wait for a while until we release the French and German versions!

Thank you for your understanding. 💝

The translation is pretty solid. Though I caught some typos during my play. Not many errors but I did email them about it so let’s hope they do something about that.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

The game is able to live up to their name Eden of Ikemen. If it isn’t obvious from the images above, the guys are lovely and so are the rest of the cast. And yes, that includes the side characters. If it’s just visual alone, all the male characters are bishie material.

But the girls are all gorgeous too! Though obviously, Sumire’s face is not shown as per usual for mobile game heroines. I would have wanted to see her face though.

Oh, I’m actually not sure if this should be under Art or Gameplay, but anyways, I love how the title screen changes depending on time like it’s sunny during the daytime and it’s moonlit at night. I just love those tiny things on games when available.


Here’s the official trailer of the game:


Neutral (¯ . ¯٥)

The music is okay. It’s not the game’s best asset but it will do if it’s just for setting the mood.

But honestly, it doesn’t really bother me at all considering this is a free game (the paid part is optional). As long as the story delivers, I’m not gonna nitpick with the music.

Enjoyment (✯◡✯)

I’m enjoying this! I love how I discover more things as I go along and everyone gets more suspicious as the story progresses which keeps me on my toes. It’s sad that I can only read 5 scenarios a day and I’m thiiiiis close to buying extra tickets to know what would happen next.

I’ll post an update about this once I’ve finished all the routes. 😊

And did I mention I love the bonuses? 😁 So be sure to get the game now and get started with it. The download link is provided above.


More than the main guys, I’m more than happy when this guy is introduced in the game. I thought for sure, that he’s just a random character. 😂

To be updated with the game for news and info, follow their social media accounts:



And here’s the Facebook account for AbracadabraGames to keep you updated to all of their games and upcoming news.


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