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2020 has been a real wild ride. Everything started well, things looked hopeful, and then bam, new normal. On top of the pandemic, my country has been hit by every possible natural disaster. So it’s like trying to stay alive while being constantly vigilant on our surroundings. Personally, this year is also full of ups and downs. But I’m focusing on the ups instead.

To start with, I got a new job (or should I say, went back to my old one? 🤔) which takes most of my time lately. Then again, when everyone is worried about staying afloat during these times, I’m just so grateful to have a job.

Another good thing that happened this year is that I did a lot of introspection. While I usually do that in a daily basis, this is the year where I finally see how I’m going to face life. The past years are all about figuring out what it means to live for yourself, and I finally found the answer.

I take 2020 as a self-care year. I got in tune with what my body needs more than anything. For some reason, part of that self-care is discovering my ~creative~ self lol. I started painting, of all things! This is funny because never in my life did I imagine to touch that side of art. I was so sure that visual arts is just something that I’ll never ever do, but here we are. I use watercolor, and my paintings look like it’s made by a preschooler, but I’m loving and enjoying it, and that’s the important thing.

Also, I went back to journaling. Surprisingly, I’m sticking with it unlike my previous attempts. I have 3 journals I maintain — a diary type one, a to-do list/financial tracker, and a reading journal. I realized that when I removed the artsy stuff and avoided looking at Pinterest spreads, I actually enjoy creating the pages. The simple spreads are finally doing their magic.

Fandom-wise, nothing much happened. 😅 I spent the year playing Animal Crossing for the good half of the year. Then put it down, never to come back again after my burnout lol. I kid. I plan to come back… after I get over feeling overwhelmed with the designs and items that other players have. It has become some sort of a competition, which well, are usually in my head, but is a huge reason why I don’t feel like going back yet.

However, I read a lot of English books, hence the addition of them in this blog. I deliberated for quite some time about whether I should write about them or not but ended up posting them because I want a place to talk about the books I read. There’s Goodreads, and I love using it for tracking my books, but I just usually blab about things, that’s why I never feel quite compelled to post over there. I’m mostly posting fiction books, and I don’t know if I’ll ever post my non-fiction reads. Probably not. But eh, we’ll never know.

Because of that, I have not read manga and web novels, much less playing VNs. My mood just isn’t there especially for gaming. I hate to admit it, but I was burnt out. Reading English books has been my escape. Or maybe, I ignored that hobby for too long? I don’t know. Maybe I need to learn more how to balance things. 😅

The good thing is, my interest is slowly coming back. My wish for 2021 is to enjoy my hobbies once more and get back to learning Japanese. I hope I can learn new languages as well like Chinese and Korean. Blogging-wise, I hope to write more consistently, at least 1 post a week.

Another year has come, and Bishie Holic is still around. If you’ve been a long time reader/lurker, thank you so so much for sticking around! It means a lot to me. If you happen to stumble to this blog, hello, welcome, and nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy reading whatever you find here.

Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021! Please be a good year for all of us. 🙏

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