Like someone else’s comment somewhere in the net, this is ‘weird shit’ at its finest. lmao

Kotetsu and Saichi are mangaka in the making. To become a pro, they decide to make an ero manga. Thing is, Kotetsu has zero experience with girls due to his family’s strict rules. He can’t draw girls well. For the sake of their manga, Saichi becomes Kotetsu’s model and things get steamy from there.

Okay, so where do I start in this manga? Let’s see, this is my first Psyche Delico. I’ve heard of the name before though since some of the manga blogs that I follow likes them. I’ve got no expectations in this one other than a hope that it will be good. ww Turns out, this is hilarious in a weird and mindfucking way rofl.

The two ends up making a BL manga patterned to them lmao. The customers are like, “Soooo, this is real BL?” wwwwww. BUT the story is is told in a manga-within-a-manga kind that it makes me wtf sometimes (followed by a loud cackle).

The steamy scenes are steamy www. There is a part where their editor catches them in the act. But the editor is like, “Where’s the storyboard?” and proceeds to check it while the two horny bunnies hump in the background (wth really lmao).

Some people may find the art a little odd. But I think it is intentional for humor purposes. It bugs me at first too but just shrugs it off later on. XD

Read this for the lols! (‐^▽^‐)オーホッホ


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4 thoughts on “[Manga] Eroman ~Kami to Pen to Sex to!!~”
    1. It is a great trip. :Db
      It’s like a whole level of hilarity and a great reading experience. I had fun in this Psyche Delico’s work. 😀

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