Every night he sneaks into Kenji’s bedroom and sleeps beside him. His reason being there is no other bed around. Is it the only reason or…?

So darn adorable! These two are the cutest pairing I’ve ever seen in a while. Everything about this one-shot gives off a minimalistic feel. From the limited number of characters, the plot, the setting, and the art. It is a simple piece with such a great impact … in more ways than one.

The only characters in this story are Kenji, his unnamed friend, and Shouta who is Kenji’s younger brother. We don’t know who are they save for their names and the relationship between the three. Heck, the other guy doesn’t even have a name. Why is that? I see that they are students. Most probably high school but in what year? Are Kenji and this friend, classmates? There are a lot more questions that I can think off such as are they friends way before Kenji found him in the rain? Or did they just became friends after that? Are they also neighbors? I mean, if not then why go the trouble and sleep somewhere far from your house? Yes, I’m thinking of Ryuuichi and Yuki-chan from Kirai ja nai Kedo but thinking about it now there are hints that he is living far from Kenji’s and not beside their house. It wasn’t also explained where the hell is their parents.

This nameless another guy, who is he really? What kind of main guy doesn’t have a name? To add to his already mysterious personality? Actually, the group who scanlated this put in their summary that his name is Kei although I never found his name in the series ^^;;. What drove him to be such a lady killer? He isn’t the flirty type but rather more like the cool and aloof guy so how? When did he start feeling that way for Kenji? His entire existence is bizarre lmao.

I’ve just also thought that perhaps they’re known each other for a long time since he is so welcome in their house and Shouta is already close to him. And the way Kenji addressed him when they first meet, it’s so casual you probably wouldn’t use that tone to someone you rarely speak to.

So much for my questions. Okay next is the setting. Although they show a brief part of a dejected moment, most of the scenes revolve around their house specifically room and their kitchen.

Long story short the sole focus of this is their relationship. It doesn’t delve into the depth of their relationship but more on how they recognized their feelings for each other. It would have been better if we get another chapter (yes, the annoying next chapter purisuu! xD) to get to know about the characters and not just the progress of their relationship.

One part that I really did like is the sucking part. No no, not the sucking kind that you may be thinking. Instead of kissing, the two had a fair share of neck-sucking times. While fighting who will be in control between the two of them, they continued to suck each other’s neck enough to leave hickeys. Man, they haven’t even kissed but that part is already hot! Who would have known that sucking is not only for vampires?

Nameless guy is a man of few words. But those words are meant to tease Kenji who in return, wouldn’t back down to his kissing. He sort of reminds me of the mischievous Takano when he attacks Ritsu with sweet words XD.  Meanwhile, Kenji is a little like our tsun Yuki-chan although the former is not a total tsun but you get the idea.

While I like the flow in their relationship, there are some parts that are abrupt. Nameless guy’s actions being one of those. The manga-ka seems to cut some edges to pull off a happy-ending manga which then results in my long lists of questions. It seems that this is Someya Rui’s first original BL story since most of her works are doujinshi. I hope she’ll create more original BL manga in the future!

Wrapping Up!

A fast and entertaining read.

I recommend this for those looking for a light read. This is a feel-good story with enjoyable characters and pretty neat art.


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