A carnivore author and his herbivore uke. Yum.

K-sensei, or Kaji,  doesn’t fit the author bill at all. He’s flashy, overbearing, and exudes the alpha-male aura. He is way suited to be a rock star or any entertainer for that matter. He’s like a jerk who forces himself on his editor, claiming his undying affection in a roundabout manner while “restraining” himself.  And we all know how weak to this type of blonde seme. 8)

This is almost a PWP book. Even with two volumes in, the plot hasn’t progressed at all. Their makeout scenes do. lol If there are 30 pages per chapter, rest assure that  70-80% of it is spent on hot scenes — no complain about that though!

Things are a little vague when it comes to the story. It’s like I missed on a lot of details and backstory of this couple. Few pages in the first chapter and then BAM, K-sensei wants to do H-things already. I’m like ‘whaaaat O_O’. Another thing is Kaji keeps on saying ‘confess already’ and it reminds me a lot of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. But in SiH, Masamune showers Ritsu with confessions at least. Kaji just keeps on showing this through his body or actions. What about you confess first instead of confusing poor Kobayakawa?

Anyway, I still enjoy this, as plotless as it is. I’m hoping for more plot and (even) more scenes because I’m gross like that. I tried searching for any related story for this since it seems like this pairing have appeared in other series by Natsumizu Ritsu. The Valentine extra provides a hint. Sadly, I can’t find a raw. /weeps

On another note, WordPress reminded me that today or a few days ago (haven’t logged in on WP for the past week T_T) was this blog’s anniversary. Unlike last year, I was not able to prepare anything or write any post other than this. I couldn’t believe it’s March already! Anyway, thank YOU for sticking with me for another year. To all the comments, likes, and follows, I couldn’t thank you all enough.


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