I know that I have sworn off from playing any mobage since they are mostly life-consuming but Neko Atsume and Notice Me Senpai are too cute to pass up!

Neko Atsume has been going on for quite some time now. I didn’t play it until I had the urge to play something that won’t hog my time and could perhaps entertain me at work.


Basically, you put foods, toys, and furniture into your yard and the cats will visit you soon enough. Each cat have their preferred foods and stuff. Rare cats are even more particular with what they like. These cats give the most fishes (the game’s currency and yes, the cats are the ones which give you fishes ww) so you may want to save up for their toys. There’s a guide to each cat’s preferred things so they will visit you frequently. I visit the page every once in a while. After all, I don’t want to waste more fishes for anything. But it’s best to not heavily rely on it since the fun in NA is figuring out what works and what’s not. Though that requires you to be a big spender which isn’t really a good idea because the cats can be quite stingy at times. lol

Meanwhile, Notice Me Senpai is a fairly new game that got released late last year. NMS is all about collecting bishies and a dating simulation rolled into one. The premise of the game is that you are the only female student in the previously all-boys school. To support your studies, you opened up a café and all the senpai in your school visit it. After their recent update, there are 20 senpai available with 3 new characters added. Putting out their fave dishes or stuff will get them to visit often. Once you have enough coffee beans to buy things, ditch the basic beans and go for gourmet beans. Some guys won’t visit the café if you don’t have high-end beans despite having their favorite items. The guys’ favorite items tend to shift. I dunno if this is just me but from my experience, their favorites tend to change depending on the number of times they use the item. I also noticed from the update that their faves changed so much from the last time O.O.

So once they visit you frequently, their affection meter increases too. First, you’ll get a note from the guy and then after a couple more visits, you’ll have a confession scene. For rare senpais, there are 2 scenes available.

And since Feb’s a love month, NMS joins the occasion and added Valentine-themed stuff. You can give Valentine chocolates to the guys and then you can get something from them on the White Day in March.

For NMS tips, check out this post!


14 thoughts on “[Mobile] Neko Atsume & Notice Me Senpai!”
  1. Don’t we already collect 2D men all the time? XD

    I started playing Love Live and totally uninstalled Neko Atsume to focus all my life on it, I don’t regret it either (though I’ll say if you fall down the LL hole it’s deep and encompassing ( ˘ ³˘)❤)

      1. 2D waifus or husbandos FTW!

        I started playing the game a few weeks ago and I’m so gungho I stop reading books and playing otoge just to go play the game (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(⌒_⌒;)

          1. Mermaid Festa Vol 1 was a bitch to SS it (T▽T)
            Speaking of love live, I think I have energy to go do the new update fufu

  2. Ohh! I’ve been playing Neko Atsume for a long time but I’ve never played Notice Me Senpai before. I’m going to try playing it sometime to see if I get a confession ;D

  3. Ooh! I started playing NMS as well, but I didn’t like the intrusive ads I got on the app. Did they ad in an update where i could pay them to remove it? I loved the concept of attracting cute boys to the cafe. There was some issues I had with it, that made me like it less.

        1. Yeah. 🙂 But what I find annoying now is the need to be logged in in your google account. While I can just hit cancel and continue playing, it is still annoying when it pops up. ;;;;

  4. […] Recent Playthrough: Neko Atsume & Notice Me Senpai!– Have you found yourself avoiding mobile games because they are just too time consuming? Well look no further Neko Atsume and Notice Me Senpai have got you covered. Both games have a similar premise, decorate an area with items and wait for cats/bishies to show up! The art is cute and the at your leisure aspect of both games is perfect for those in between moments throughout the day. This post is a short and sweet intro to both games and a must read! […]

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