RE:VICE[D] (リヴァイスディー)


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RE:VICE [D], PS Vita


Yahuu~! I finally got the time to play RE:VICE [D]- Otomate’s first PS Vita (otome) game! On a side note, it is such a pain to write this game’s title lol. Also, I don’t get the meaning of the title at all. Even the [d]. There is an ending named REBIRTH[D]. And I just don’t have any idea of its meaning or if it means anything at all! If you know, please do enlighten me. Ww

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[Manga] Bi no Isu (媚の椅子)


The war between Yakuza families, fight over territories, and violence around them, how can Kabu and Nirasawa’s relationship survive these difficult circumstances?

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Kannou Mukashibanashi Portable (官能昔話 ポータブル)

Title: 官能昔話 ポータブル
Company: Otomate
Release Date: January 19, 2012
Platform: PSP
Official Site:

One night, a guy suddenly shows up in Himeko’s room to tell her stories. However, these stories are not your average “and they live happily ever after” type. Mix of Western and Eastern stories where Himeko will get the chance to be the heroine of every story. Besides the normal ending, there’s also alternate routes and twists that Himeko can experience.

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[Manga] Dokusenyoku (独占欲)

Summary: From Manga Updates

The story of the new high school teacher, Ichikura, and the younger brother of his ex-lover, Oda.

Although an excellent student and member of the student council, Oda threatens Ichikura with the relationship between him and his elder brother. Is this the beginning of debauchery in the name of learning?

A collection of one-shots.

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[Manga] Oresama wa Koi no Dorei (俺様は恋の奴隷)

ore-sama wa koi no dorei

This is a collection of yaoi oneshots.

1 – He is a slave of love

Takatsuki is a top student. One day, he asked his homeroom teacher to go out with. To his surprise, he was rejected. he became even more determined to do everything to make Suou-sensei accept him.

2 – To want to make it a teacher

Sensei got kissed all of a sudden while tutoring one of his students. He knows that dating a student would be against the rules but he can’t control his feelings either!

3 – The main dish at the end

4 – The Emperor of Skyscraper

5 – Wrap me softly

6 – He is a slave of love

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[Manga] Fruits Basket (フルーツバスケット)


I hate this series. It made me feel sad and ended up crying. The story is indeed dramatic and heartwarming. ^_^

I hate this for making me cry but I love the fact that this is such a good story. I know, you’ve been always hearing that this manga is just so good. Allow me to make a review of this one.

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[Manga] Ouji Romantica & Akuma na Kare to Ikenie Tenshi

Ouji Romantica 

Pure Erotica (1st story)ouji romantica

When she was in middle school, Rika’s first love only left her with an emotional scar. Now, she learned about her first love’s weakness. It’s payback time…

It’s a good cliched one-shot. The story is predictable, so as the characters.

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[Manga] Watashi no Ookami-san (わたしの狼さん)

watashi no ookami-sama

Meet our heroine, Komomo. She’s a level 0 hero and tries to fight the level 2000 Demon Lord. This Demon Lord is not your usual one. he doesn’t give orders to his soldiers, bored in his high seat, drinking wine and being fanned by girls and loves to watch the television under the kotatsu. That’s not all, his favorite would be having a progress in his relationship with Komomo.

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[Manga] Zettai Kareshi (絶対彼氏)

zettai kareshi

This 32-chapter manga is written by Yuu Watase, the same creator of Fushigi Yuugi. The story is about a high-school girl named Riiko Izawa who got dumped by the guy she confessed to. Then, she purchased a robotic guy online. It was delivered the very next day and he insisted that he is Riiko’s ideal boyfriend. After learning about Riiko’s “boyfriend”, her childhood friend is starting to show affections on her. Thus, a light-hearted love story has begun.

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