Ouji Romantica 

Pure Erotica (1st story)ouji romantica

When she was in middle school, Rika’s first love only left her with an emotional scar. Now, she learned about her first love’s weakness. It’s payback time…

It’s a good cliched one-shot. The story is predictable, so as the characters.

Romance Summit Principle (2nd story)

The neat and lovely princess, and the elegant and kind campus prince are dating. Seems like a perfect couple right? But the thing is, they’re only acting. What will happen if people will found out that their relationship is fake? What will the princess do if she’s also slowly falling for the prince?

So we rarely see the two campus eye-candies going out for publicity. It’s kind of sweet story. The main girl is quite mature in her decisions. This is the best of the four stories here, I guess.

My girlfriend is Romeo (3rd story)

Asai Seiya is an invincible prince in their school. Until Ryou threatened his position. She looks like a prince and the only girl that doesn’t seem interested in him. His solution is to make her fall for him!

The story is good but predictable. It’s sad that it is a short story. There so much room for the development both of the story and the characters. It has a different ending from the other 3 stories which makes this a good one to read.

Prince, Kiss, and Sleeping Beauty (4th story)

Shiya asked the school’s prince Yuki to cure her phobia. Her phobia is whenever a guy touches her, she faints. Yuki was challenged when Shiya said that she doesn’t like him and decided to cure her. What will be the cure of her phobia.?

I also like this one. The girl’s phobia is kind of unique..^^

But still, this is very cliche. It’s almost the same as the others. Damsel-in-distress meets Prince of campus type.

Akuma na Kare to Ikenie Tenshi akuma na kare to ikenie tenshi

1st story

Seri accidentally made a contract with her senior so she can be saved from the guys who are chasing after her. Unknowingly, her senior is known as the “Devil” in her school. She is now the Devil’s Martyr. Could it be that Seri ran into trouble again?

Again, this is overly cliche. The devil’s contract is too common. The devil having enemies who want to use the martyr. The devil deep inside him is a good guy after all, and the likes.

Joker Magic

Tsubasa really wants to watch Daita’s Magic Show. Unfortunately for her, she lost her tickets. She saw the backstage window and entered there and there she saw Daita himself! After knowing the Prince of Magic’s true identity, she was made into his assistant to keep Daita’s identity’s a secret.

This is my fave out of all the one-shots above. Okay, so you’ll yell at me and say, “Hey! That is also a common story. The girl being the assistant and it turns out that the popular guy has a devil side of him. Are you nuts?” I know, I know. Putting that aside, the story, despite being cliche (like all other shoujo stories out there), suits my likes. Daita is utterly sweet and Tsubasa is a strong girl. Another thing is that Daita is just so hot! (Okay I’m biased on that part.xD)


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