[Manga] Hakushaku to Yousei 1 (伯爵と妖精 1)


I stumbled upon a translation of Hakushaku to Yousei’s light novel and read bits of it. And boy, I miss this series!


[Manga] Daisuki Datta yo Sensei… (大好きだったよ、先生。。。)

I could barely remember the last time I read a shoujo manga. But Daisuki Datta yo Sensei is a good welcome-back-to-shoujo read.

[Manga] Star-like Words(スターライクワーズ)

High school student Subaru loves sex. What he really wants though, is to find that special someone whom he can connect with emotionally and physically.


One day, while making out in the art room with his sex friend, Subaru sees a painting that causes his heart to beat like crazy! He thinks he has found the love of his life. However, the artist Nagayama is an antisocial lad and rejects Subaru. But Subaru’s not going to back down and will go on an all-out attack!

[Manga] Last Game

Yanagi Hisato has everything: money, looks, intelligence, and good physique. He is like a prince to everyone ever since elementary school. But a transferred student, named Kujou Mikoto, is destined to become his nemesis. Poor guy though she doesn’t see him as a rival. More like she doesn’t care. www Yanagi isn’t able to beat her in everything since then.

[Manga] Slow Starter

Being the only people in the train everyday, Kiyo is already familiar with Ino even though they never talk and doesn’t even know each other’s name. One day, Ino wakes up Kiyo as the latter misses his stop. Learning that they have a lot in common, the two quickly become friends.

True to its name, Slow Starter starts off slowly. Not slow in a sense that it will make you frustrated but in a steady pace where the building of their relationship and feelings goes. It is shounen ai so no steamy stuff though the extra chapter goes beyond that line. It’s just sweet and fluffy and flowers and sparkles everywhere. lol

Recently, I’m into this type of story. That fluffy, fuzzy feeling that makes you smile because of their adorableness.www

While we don’t get to know who does who, I’m still happy seeing them get flustered with each other. I just love them. Period.

[Novel] Don’t Worry Mama

From the back of the book:

If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could pick one person to keep you company, who would you choose?


For Yuichi, it would be anyone but his uncooperative, self-absorbed, good-for-nothing boss Imakura! But as fate would have it, the two are mistakenly left on a deserted island during an important research expedition. Yuichi would prefer to drown Imakura in the sea with his bare hands rather than listen to his constant complaining. But as the days fade into weeks, Yuichi finds himself craving Imakura’s company more than civilization itself.


Will the two find a forbidden love in this tropical paradise? Or will Yuichi and Imakura live out their lives stranded on a deserted island with the one person in the world they can’t stand?


Originally published as a short story, Don’t Worry Mama returns as a full-length novel with an all new bonus story, “Present.” Written by Narise Konohara, one of Japan’s best yaoi novelists, this story of “love on an island paradise” is sure to delight.

[Novel] S 1 (エス 1)

From the back of the book:

Welcome to Shinjuku district’s Kabukicho, Japan’s red light district. Here, the streets are dotted with bars, pachinko parlors and “love hotels”, which cater to all sexes and sexual orientations. These are the streets which Detective Masaki Shiiba must patrol.


A recent rise in gun crimes forces shiiba to go undercover and work with an “S” or spy, a member of a crime organization tasked to hand over information in exchange for special favors. Shiiba’s S is a man from the influential Matsukura Group, and someone who seems to have developed a fondness for Shiiba.


But when the detective gets a mysterious call warning him about his S, seeds of doubt are planted. If he can’t trust his S, who can he trust?