Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Tsunderella who works at a cross-dressing bar owned by his family. Every day, he works so hard despite being mistreated by his step-mother and step-sisters (brothers?). As his birthday nears, his worst fear of working directly with the customers looms. All he ever wanted is to spend his life growing vegetables with his fated person.

Meanwhile, news of the ball reaches Tsunderella’s ears. Will he be able to finally meet his destined partner there?

Sounds like a happy ever after? Think again. 😀

Tsunderella is a BL doujin game created by mizunono. This is a short parody game of the fairy tale Cinderella. The game is so short that I finished this within an hour lol (and replayed it a couple of times after that). The game is free to download on their website.

While the game is clearly for the lulz, there are some triggers that might turn off other people. Things like dubcon and BDSM are not everyone’s cup of tea, after all.

Despite its length, Tsunderella manages to squeeze entertaining characters.


He looks so…drab. www



Let’s start with the lead, Tsunderella.

Contrary to his name, Tsunderella isn’t a massive tsundere. His tsun side is mostly shown towards Prince Edward, though.

Tsunderella works hard in their bar on the sidelines. But he hates working in front since he dislikes flirting with the customers. His only friend is the mouse, Thomas, who helps him in every way possible.


Prince Edward

That screenshot above looks so dreamy as if you really are watching a fairy tale. You might even think ‘aww Prince Charming’. But not until you see Edward french-kissing, take note not just kissing, and humping Tsunderella in the next scene ww. So much for being the perfect Prince.

Due to his narrow eyes, Edward looks smiling all the time. But instead of looking friendly, he appears more dubious and frightening as if he is brewing something under his cheerful front. If you haven’t guessed it already, our prince is a massive pervert who loves to lick and finger kiss Tsunderella. He’s also a yandere and a sadist to boot.

Edward’s interaction with Tsunderella is priceless. His subtle pushy attitude brings out the dere side of our hero.



I keep on giggling whenever I look at this shot and think that this is Tsunderella’s fairy godfather www. He looks like a loser.

Anyway, whether we like it or not, he is the Wizard who makes everything possible yet questionable. Like that scene where he has to create a carriage for Tsunderella to attend the ball. Instead of a proper transportation, he creates a bike with a cucumber as the shaft www. Also, he tells Tsunderella that our hero has to come back by midnight. When asked why is that, Wizard answers it’s because he has to sleep early lmao.


Stepmother and stepsisters (??)

Well, obviously, those three are there to make Tsunderella’s life miserable. Oh, and the stepsiblings are sadists too (not a big surprise there huh?).

Want to continue this to bed already?


I included Narcisse even if he is a minor character because… I don’t actually really know www. I don’t even have the slightest idea why he is included in the game or why does he have a sprite lol.

So anyway, Narcisse is a regular customer of the bar. He constantly hits with Tsunderella even if the other hit him with a fist instead.

I honestly thought that he’d be the prince-in-disguise. But well, everything here is random so better not think about this too much lol.


I have to mention this but the art is lovely! They even use moving sparkles every time Wizard uses magic. Though it’s too bad that some CGs are not included in the gallery.

Endings and Guides

There are three endings in this game – 1 Best end, 1 Good end, and 1 Bad end. Each end contains a CG that you may want to see.

The game is short so you probably do not need a guide but just in case you get lazy, I’ll put it here as well.

For the  Good End, choose all the first choices.

For the Bad End, choose all the second or third choices. If you start on the 2nd choice, always choose the 2nd option every time. Same if you choose the 3rd option instead.

For the Best End, choose options that will make it possible for Tsunderella to meet Edward. Even if it’s cheesy, and not tsun at all, go for it!

But if you really want the breakdown, here’s what I choose to get to the Best end.











Have fun playing!


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