Time for another Awesome Possum!

Awesome Possum posts consist of random internet finds. Any blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, anything under the sun will be included here. To be clear, this won’t only include games or manga. It will be anything and everything. Some posts may not be necessarily posted this week, but I’ve only discovered them this week.

This might be the driest week yet as there’s barely anything in the news that interests me. 😐

Anyway, let’s get started.😋

Awesome Reads

‘A Manga Lover’s Tokyo Travel Guide’: Picture the capital in a whole new way

This is cool! I might read this when I go back to Japan and I hope that it’s available in ebook form.

Aksys Games to Release Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ Game for Switch in Spring 2020

Ooooh, I didn’t know that the Wintertide was released for Vita last February! Now I want to get my hands on that~ I’m actually more hyped for that than the main content of the article lol.

Persona 3 and 4 Protagonists are Boss Fights in Persona 5 Royal

That is awesome. I’d love to play that if I only have a PS4… and I just miss the P3 and P4 protagonists.

Namie Amuro to Become a Producer for Johnny’s Jr.?

I don’t really care about Namie being the producer or whatnot. But the article nailed it when the author mentioned about JE’s outdated choreography. A few weeks ago, I tried watching some videos of the younger groups and they’re pretty much the same as from 10 years ago.

Nishikido Ryo Starts New Label and Social Media Accounts

Wow that was fast Ryo-chan! He couldn’t wait to get out of the company LMAO.

Lee Dong Gook’s Family Announces Departure From “The Return Of Superman”

I’m not surprised and I already have a hunch starting when Seol Ah and Soo Ah didn’t have that much screentime anymore, focusing more with Sian. Then Sian’s time was cut to every other week too. Plus they’re getting older. It was inevitable but it didn’t mean that it would have made it less sad. 3 families leaving within a year though… 😭

Annnd that’s it! So short. 😂😂😂


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