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Awesome Possum posts consist of random internet finds. Any blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, anything under the sun will be included here. To be clear, this won’t only include games or manga. It will be anything and everything. Some posts may not be necessarily posted this week, but I’ve only discovered them this week.

My mini hiatus went longer than I thought. There are changes with the posting sched so please check the sidebar.

So let’s get started.😋

Awesome Reads

Manga / Anime

Former Shonen Jump Editor Starts Blog With Technical Advice For Aspiring Manga Artists

This actually sounds cool. Here’s the link for the blog for anyone interested: blog.

Given Boys-Love Anime Gets Film in 2020

I haven’t caught up to the latest episode (as always) but I’m so happy that the AkiHaru arc will still be shown! Next year! 2020 looks really bright with this and Free!’s movie.

Fruits Basket Season 2 Officially Announced

…that’s good? 😲

Tokyopop Announces Digital First Platform

Well isn’t that nice to see Tokyopop around? I hope they’ll release more and more titles.


That KFC game…

I’ve been seeing this a lot and I’ve only checked this game on Steam. I might try this one since it’s just short. I’m in for the lulz. 😂

New Angelique game announced for Switch

I’ve been wanting to any play Angelique game since I’ve seen one HaruToki anime and liked it. It’s just that the system turns me off? Well, that’s just based on other reviews online but enough to question myself whether I would really like to subject myself to a very challenging play.

But! If Koei decided to localize these games, I might consider playing them as it removes the language difficulty and I can solely focus on the gameplay.

Otome Visual Novel ‘Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~’ Reveals Switch Collector’s Edition in the West

I really hope that they’ll also release the 3rd game.

Sol Press Interview – Learning Ways to Better the Visual Novel Industry

It’s sad whenever I hear publishers say that there’s basically no profit in selling VNs.

The 10 Best Relaxing Games for Stress-free Gaming

Putting this here so whenever I’m in a mood for a chill gameplay, I’ll check this out. I’m surprised to find Gris relaxing though. Never would have thought that it would be like that.

Otome romance visual novel Koi no Hanasaku Hyakkaen announced for Switch

So if I’m not mistaken, this would be a new game from Takuyo for Switch. Meaning it’s not a port?

Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 4 Introduces Its Hot Homeroom Teacher

I might have squealed when I read the title. Senseiiiiii!


Why Some People Become Lifelong Readers

This is an interesting read and somehow tells you why some people read a lot while others do not.

The popularity of gay manga in Japan: What are ‘Bara’ and ‘Yaoi’ and who are its fans?

This is more of a basic introduction for those who are not familiar with this genre. I’m quite saddened to learn that the terms shounen-ai and yaoi are fading. I liked the distinction it gives like if I’m just in a mood for light reads with just light kisses or maybe none at all, I’ll pick up a shounen-ai title. Whereas if I’m in the mood for the hot and heavy then I’ll pick up yaoi.


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