So Branching Point posts are an update on the game that I’m playing. I’ll be about my thoughts about the game after playing a couple of routes, will I continue playing, etc. And basically, if the game lives up to my first impression.

nil admirari

It is a long long road but now I’ve finally unlocked Rui and Hayato’s routes! For now, it is only Rui’s as you can see in the screenshot above. Still! Finally the locked routes.

My Nil Admirari no Tenbin playthrough is okay so far. It’s not great, but not an utter trash either. There are parts that I like such as the relationship of the main characters and other important side characters. They work so well as a group.

As much as I possible, I don’t want to complain…


I’ll complain anyway. www

To start off, I’m getting tired reading Tsugumi’s set expression. These are expressions that can easily be shown in her facial expressions. Her reactions are often set to a single letter or set of punctuation marks. The order just varies. If she’s surprised, she’d be “..?” or “!?” or “e?”. There’s got to be more from her than her surface-level reactions.

Another thing that gets old real fast is how the guys blame Tsugumi for about everything especially if they got jealous. They either tell to her face that she is just a girl or that she did it with another guy/likes getting intimate with other guys. Seriously? You guys have been telling her how she grew up in a nice family with a good upbringing. She is the caged ojou-sama. Then what’s the point of shouting at her, basically telling Tsugumi how much of a whore she is? That’s absurd. And I’m not buying the I’m-so-jealous-so-i-said-that-whoops thing. It’s not cute.

In terms of the smut (you don’t really see it but the CGs and some lines are suggestive (⺣◡⺣)♡*), I don’t exactly have a problem with it. It is more of the timing in those scenes. Like, one moment they are talking about serious stuff and then another minute sexy time. I find those serious scenes important to strengthen the bond between the guy and Tsugumi. But hump time wins. _へ__(‾◡◝ )>

It is not just the timing, but also the place. Not only on one occasion did I worry that someone might walk in on them. Once the couple starts doing it, they do it in public spaces. And that scared me – what if someone might pass by and see them?

So with all my complains, will I continue? Definitely. My best boys are waiting for me. ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

nil admirari 2


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