I created this as a personal reference, and after I finished the game, I thought, why not post this too. This, I believe, is a spoiler-free guide so you don’t have to worry about anything that might spoil the story for you.

Unlike most VNs, the only branching point in Hashihime is when you choose which guy you should go after. There is only 1 end for each character. Whether those ends are good or bad, depends on you, as I thought all the ends are good and fitting to the circumstances and personalities of the characters.

Also, please note that you can’t really choose your route order as there is a specific order you have to go through. Say, you can’t go to Hanazawa’s route unless you finish Minakami and Kawase’s. Also, you can’t force it since the choices only come up after finishing the required routes.

Here goes~


1st Playthrough

Chapter 1: Minakami’s route – 1st route no choices

The first time you play the game, you have no other choice but to go through Minakami’s route. His route is like a kinetic novel.

2nd Playthrough

Chapter 2: Kawase’s route

  • Take

3rd Playthrough

Chapter 3: Hanazawa’s route

  • Don’t Take
  • Take

4th Playthrough

Chapter 4: Hakase’s route

  • Don’t take
  • Push away
  • Grab his arm

5th Playthrough

Secret character’s route

  • Don’t take
  • Push away
  • Look away
  • Take

If, by any chance, after playing the last route and you find yourself wanting to replay Minakami’s route (like I do), these are the choices you need to click:

  • Don’t take
  • Push away
  • Look away
  • Ignore

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6 thoughts on “Hashihime of the Old Book Town Walkthrough”
  1. I am a little bit curious about the choice. I just finish first route (Minakami) and not yet have a chance to play next route, but what if I choose ‘dont take’ in my 2nd play? Do I get no BF ending? Since you said we can only get Hanazawa after get Kawase, but to get Kawase we need to choose take.

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